Theatre Standing Committee


The Hart House Theatre Standing Committee acts as an advisory board for theatre management while ensuring that the Theatre’s programming and operations are in line with the Theatre’s goals and mandate.

The scope of its discussions and recommendations include but are not limited to the following areas:

  • Theatre Development and Advancement
  • Theatre Operating Policies and Procedures
  • Accountability and fiscal prudence
  • Theatre Branding and Marketing
  • Student Involvement
  • Programming 
  • Audience Development.

The Committee recognizes its responsibility to strengthen Hart House Theatre's position as a cultural destination for the University and the City of Toronto while creating an inclusive environment where all feel at home.

This committee is comprised of theatre staff, alumni, industry professionals, and student leaders from the theatre's activities. New members can join through HH Committee Elections or through becoming more involved in the theatre's programming.

Current Committee Members

  • Cass Iacovelli, Committee Chair
  • Samara Tower, Co-Chair / Steward
  • Doug Floyd, Director of Theatre and Performance Art
  • Gillian Lewis, Education and Production Coordinator
  • Marlene Smith, Industry Professional
  • Rob West, Alumni / Senior Member
  • Coco Lee, Alumni
  • Jennifer Ellinas, Alumni
  • Kimia Karachi, Alumni
  • Hemali Ratnaweera, SUDS
  • Sebastian Mena, Festival of Dance
  • Brynn Bonne, Student / Drama Coalition Vice President
  • Savannah Forest, Student / Skule Nite
  • Ashley Heng, Student / UTSC
  • Jonah Nung, Student
  • Cherry Zhang, Student

How to get involved

For information on how to get involved with the Theatre Standing Committee and the Theatre contact

Picture of Gillian Lewis
Gillian Lewis

Education and Production Coordinator

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) 416-978-6392