Hart House Pianos

Hart House is pleased to offer students access to the pianos for recreational use.

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Hart House Pianos are Meant to be Played

Student pianists of all levels are welcome to play one of Hart House's four top-tier pianos when the instruments are available, in 60-minute time slots. The pianos are located in the Bickersteth Room, the East Common Room, the Music Room and the South Sitting Room. 

How to Book Time

Starting on January 16, 2023, students interested in playing one of these pianos will need to book time. Here's how:

  • Call the Information Hub at 416-978-2452, email us at [email protected] or visit to make a same-day booking during our hours of operation. Piano playing will end on hour before the building's closing time. 
  • Since this is one of the most popular activities in the House, each booking slot is limited to 60 minutes. We will hold the booking for 15 minutes, but if the student who booked the time does not arrive within that time, we will accept new bookings for the same spot. 
  • On any given week, students can book up to seven 60-minute time slots. 
  • When you arrive at Hart House to play the piano at the scheduled time, you can pick up the room and piano keys at the Information Hub. Please be sure to bring your photo ID. 
  • When your time is complete, please lock the door and return the keys to the Information Hub. 

Guidelines for Piano Playing at Hart House

These pianos are exceptional instruments that are regularly tuned to optimize the musical experience. We treasure these pianos and, as a reflection of this, we have established some guidelines to ensure that they are used safely and respectfully.

  • Please use the room for the sole purpose of playing the piano. 
  • Do not bring food or drink into the room (unless stored safely in a bag, purse or knapsack away from the piano), as spillage on the instrument could cause damage. 
  • Do not lock the door when you are playing the piano as staff may, on occassion, need to access to the room. 
  • If you need to leave the room very briefly, please make sure the door is locked.  
  • The pianos can be played by only the person who made the booking. 

Please refrain from instrumental or vocal accompaniment. We also do not allow an audience while you are playing the piano. 

We ask students to comply within these guidelines. Those failing to abide by the guidelines may be asked by staff to vacate the room and return the keys before their booked session is completed.

Filling the House with music is a very meaningful hallmark. We welcome student musicians and look forward to hearing piano music of all kinds – jazz, classical, modern and pop – and music at all levels to liven up the House and enrich the experience of all visitors.