Learning Be Yourself

Our programs range from fun drop-in and skill-building activities to student-centered initiatives that explore complex social issues. Whether in the arts, dialogue or wellness, join us to experience co-created engagements and build connections across our multi-faceted community.

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  • 100+classes
  • 25+programs
  • 300+events/year

Who we are

At Hart House, we're dedicated to empowering students like you! Our unique, beyond-the-classroom learning opportunities inspire creativity, cultivate skills and champion self-discovery.

Spark Change

Ignite your passions, amplify your voice and impact the world.

Challenge Yourself

Venture beyond your comfort zone, build new skills and broaden your horizons.

Build Community

Connect with old friends and make new ones. Become part of the Hart House family.

Nurture your creativity

Unleash your artistic energy, fuel your imagination and bring your ideas to life. 

What we offer

Immerse yourself in creative experiential learning programs that encourage visionary thinking, radical play and engaged citizenship. Get ready to transform your ideas into impactful actions. 


At Hart House, we offer a range of experiences across key streams: Community Access & Outreach, Dialogue & Expression, Arts and Wellness.


Hart House curates a year-round calendar filled with thought-provoking experiences, including hands-on activities, talks, workshops, music and art making, exhibitions and more!


Discover what nourishes you with Hart House’s extensive catalogue of multidisciplinary classes, where you can learn and develop adaptable artistic and wellness skills.

Outreach & Access

At Hart House, we amplify student and youth voices, connecting you to opportunities and strengthening our community.


Hart House offers various committees to explore arts, chess, archery, dialogue, social justice and more for personal growth and wellness.

Students Awards

Hart House celebrates commitment to service with the Audrey Hozack Student Leadership Award and the Judi Schwartz Memorial scholarship.

Talking Walls

Our Hart House Talking Walls program tells stories and sparks meaningful conversations through visual and audio exhibitions.


Hart House provides warm mentorship and opportunities to enhance personal and professional goals while building community.


Explore our year-round club programming that includes everything from musical performance groups, archery and more!


Hart House Theatre presents passionate, thoughtful, professional-calibre productions at prices accessible to a new generation of theatregoers.

Fitness Centre

The Hart House Fitness Centre caters to all, whether you're a novice lifter, a cardio enthusiast, or prioritizing overall wellness. Get fit your way here!

Our Team

The Learning & Community team represents a diverse blend of professional skills and lived experiences. We are deeply committed to supporting student growth through hands-on, arts-infused learning activities and dialogue-driven initiatives. 

  • picture of Marco Adamovic

    Marco Adamovic (On leave)

    Program Coordinator

  • picture of Alphonse Daniel

    Alphonse Daniel

    Program Associate, Community Access & Outreach

  • picture of Zoe Dille

    Zoe Dille

    Manager, Dialogue & Expression

  • picture of Danielle Dinunzio

    Danielle Dinunzio

    Manager, Community Access & Outreach

  • picture of Yueyang (Owen) Gao

    Yueyang (Owen) Gao

    Program Associate, Community Access & Outreach

  • picture of Day Milman

    Day Milman

    Manager, Integrated Arts Education

  • picture of Saša Rajšić

    Saša Rajšić

    Coordinator, Integrated Arts Education

  • picture of Nadia Thompson

    Nadia Thompson (On leave)

    Program Associate, Dialogue and Expression

  • picture of Carly Popenko

    Carly Popenko

    Administrative Officer, Programs

  • picture of Francesca D’Amico-Cuthbert

    Francesca D'Amico-Cuthbert

    Program Associate

  • picture of Jermane Hall

    Jermane Hall

    Program Coordinator, Dialogue and Expression

  • picture of Panni Ajtony

    Panni Ajtony

    Integrated Arts Education Exhibitions & Events Assistant

What Our Students Say

I loved connecting with students and supporting them in their journey towards excellence!

Naomi Inniss

I think that the student community and programming at Hart House is very rewarding in both personal and career goals, and has helped me gain self-confidence and feel accomplished with what I've done as a team with other people there. 

U of T Student

My time at U of T has been profoundly enriched by the leadership opportunities I had at Hart House, and my hope is to champion similar opportunities for fellow students.

Coco Lee, winner of the first Audrey Hozack Award

Being able to engage students across disciplines and years of study through their shared passion for music – and helping them realize that despite how large U of T may feel, there is still a community to belong to – is the most rewarding part of my experience at Hart House.

U of T Student

Hart House provides a platform to interact with students of different perspectives and walks of life, not limited to students but older graduates as well. Just participating in conversation made me more comfortable with talking to people, knowing they are willing to listen to what I have to bring to the table. 

U of T Student

Rehearsing with my fellow choristers, despite the enormous challenges throughout this pandemic, has only been possible because of Hart House. 

U of T Student