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Hart House Learning

Dive into experiential, dynamic and self-directed exploration through our programs and activities. Who you are becoming is why we are here.


Hart House programs range from fun, drop-in activities to initiatives that explore key social issues. All Hart House programming, whether in the arts, dialogue or wellness, is grounded in shared leadership with students with intergenerational connections across diverse communities.

Spark Change

Commit to your passions, find your voice and impact the world.

Invite Community

Connect with old friends and make new ones. Become part of the Hart House community.

Challenge Yourself

Stretch beyond your comfort zone, build new skills and expand your horizons.

Ignite your Creativity

Embrace your creativity, make your ideas come to life.

Integrated Learning

Integrated Learning programs feature experiential learning opportunities that contribute to students becoming creative thinkers, innovative doers and engaged citizens who can propel their ideas—both personal and global—into actions.

Hart House provides creative spaces and inclusive programs that are welcoming, engaging and thought-provoking and that strive for equitable and representative diversity.

Drop-in and De-stress

De-stress, connect with others and join in. There’s something for everyone at Hart House.

Black Futures

A series of programs using the lens of Afrofuturism to explore and present arts, dialogue and well-being at Hart House.


Global Commons 2022/2023 Migration: Global Perspectives on the Search for Home

Join the conversation and explore what's driving refugees, asylum seekers, displaced peoples, migrants and the risks they take in search for a new home.


Hip-Hop Education

Hip hop education and artistic expression. It's not just about music. It's beats, rhymes, life and learning.


Hart House Stories

Podcasts and Talking Walls. Listen to different perspectives and see through the eyes of others.


Bring Hart House to You

Invite Hart House to your next event or resource fair during orientation and throughout the school year.


Youth Access

Hart House works with youth from local communities and organizations and directly engages them in programming in the areas of dialogue, social justice, recreation and wellness. These experiences provide insight into university life and help build overall life skills.
See our upcoming events and initiatives.

Building authentic, sustainable relationships with youth and community partners

Hart House forges relationships with local high schools, community agencies, on-campus access programs, and initiatives focused on youth groups and students under-represented at the University of Toronto.

By having access to programs, members of underrepresented groups can experience campus life first-hand. Indigenous, racialized and LGBTQ youth can see a place for themselves on campus and may consider post-secondary education when previously, it might not have been an option. Hart House develops these youth-centred programs with youth participants and community and campus partners.

Hart House makes us feel as though we are part of something bigger … It gives us that life experience that we need before we go to university …There is a whole world out there that we never got to see, never got to have access to.

Youth Participant

The placement helped me recognize and reflect on my own privilege as a U of T student, and how I can use the opportunities available to me to make more equitable spaces for under-served communities.

U of T placement student

Learning and Community Team

The professionals of the Learning and Community Team represent a diverse set of skills, lived experiences, and personal stories. We support student growth, identity development and transferrable professional and leadership skills through arts-based, hands-on learning activities and dialogue-driven programs.

  • picture of Marco Adamovic

    Marco Adamovic

    Program Coordinator

  • picture of Alphonse Daniel

    Alphonse Daniel

    Access Programs Assistant

  • picture of Zoe Dille

    Zoe Dille

    Manager, Dialogue & Expression

  • picture of Danielle Dinunzio

    Danielle Dinunzio

    Manager, Community Access & Outreach

  • picture of Yueyang (Owen) Gao

    Yueyang (Owen) Gao

    Program Associate, Learning and Community

  • picture of Sako Khederlarian

    Sako Khederlarian

    Coordinator, Learning and Community

  • picture of Day Milman

    Day Milman

    Manager, Integrated Arts Education

  • picture of Marcus Singleton

    Marcus Singleton

    Community Connector, Hip Hop Education

  • picture of Saša Rajšić

    Saša Rajšić (On leave)

    Coordinator, Integrated Arts Education

  • picture of Nadia Thompson

    Nadia Thompson (On leave)

    Program Associate, Dialogue and Expression

  • picture of Carly Popenko

    Carly Popenko

    Administrative Officer, Programs

  • picture of Shalon T. Webber-Heffernan

    Shalon T. Webber-Heffernan

    Exhibition and Program Assistant

  • picture of Francesca D’Amico-Cuthbert

    Francesca D'Amico-Cuthbert

    Program Associate

Free and Public Events

Hart House is where campus and community meet. Throughout the year, Hart House hosts talks, lectures, workshops, art exhibits, theatre productions, drop-in activities and other events that are often free and open to students, staff and the local public.

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What's On

Our calendar of events lets you plan ahead. From weekly drop-ins to must-see lectures and shows, don’t miss out.

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Hart House programs and partnerships use an integrated learning model that builds on classroom and research experience with real-life learning, personal growth and professional development.

Our partners include academic and support centres from across the University as well as school boards and community groups. We are always looking to expand our offerings.

City of Toronto Wellesley
Native Child and Family Services
The 519 Community Centre
St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club
The Kickback
New College Community Engaged Learning Program
Student Life
Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education