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  • BEE

    The Brotherhood of Ethnic Excellence is a Hart House youth program building stronger connections between the University of Toronto campus and Black youth.

  • Black Futures

    A series of programs using the lens of Afrofuturism to explore and present arts, dialogue and well-being at Hart House.

  • Drop-in and De-stress

    De-stress, connect with others and join in. There’s something for everyone at Hart House.

  • Get Crafty!

    Drop-in, get creative, de-stress and get crafty!

  • An illustration of a human head metaphorically opening to reveal an endless stream of icons showing artistic and scientific practices, inventions, and tools.

    Good Ideas Fund

    The Hart House Good Ideas Fund (GIF) is here to support your good ideas and make them a reality! Open to student groups or students at any U of T campus.

  • Group Fitness Mentorship Program

    The Hart House Group Fitness Mentorship Program provides youth the opportunity to become certified fitness instructors while being paid for their commitment.

  • Hart House A/V Tech Mentorship Program

    The Hart House A/V Tech Mentorship Program provides youth the opportunity to gain practical experience with different careers in the audio/video field.

  • Hart House Committee Chair Elections

    Committees at Hart House provide opportunities for students to create experiences, build connections, learn important skills and provide a place for expression.

  • Hart House Outdoor Leadership Program

    Are you ready to lead the way?

  • Hart House Youth Advisory Council

    A program that aims to help youth in grades 9–12 strengthen their leadership skills by taking on key roles in an advisory council setting.

  • Close up of the mural.

    Hip-Hop Education

    Hip hop education and artistic expression. It's not just about music. It's beats, rhymes, life and learning.

  • Laugh, Cry, Cringe: Storytelling Series

    Creating safer, braver spaces to engage in conversations that explore current events and personal stories of lived experience.

  • Well Being Collective @ Hart House

    A collaborative wellness initiative to support student and community wellbeing.

  • Youth Access

    Dive into experiential, dynamic and self-directed exploration through our programs and activities. Who you are becoming is why we are here.