• Well Being Collective @ Hart House

    A collaborative wellness initiative to support student and community wellbeing.


The Well Being Collective @ Hart House is a collaborative initiative that seeks to explore wellness while centering and highlighting the experiences and practices of Indigenous, Black, and Racialized students as well as those of the greater community. 

The Collective is about creating space for Indigenous, Black, and Racialized people to explore wellness from a lens that centres their particular experiences, voices, and knowledge as a diverse community. This space and this collaborative aims to support and examine what it means to live and be well through dialogue, movement, and reflection.

Throughout its innaugural season, the Well Being Collective @ Hart House has been honoured to partner with and showcase events and opportunities provided by the Institute for Dance Studies, the Centre for Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies, Brown Girl Outdoor World, U of T Sport and Rec: Diversity Moves Us, and irise yoga and wellness.

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  • Target Audience: Students and Community
  • Program Cycle: Ongoing
  • Program Contact:
    • Well Being Collective @ Hart House

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Let’s collaborate!

Black woman, sitting with her laptop, collaborates virtually with her team.

Do you have ideas, events, or programs that intersect with the Well Being Collective @ Hart House? We value:

  • De-centring whiteness
  • Dismantling colonial ideologies and structures
  • Diversity, inclusion, equity, social justice
  • Accountability
  • Accessible and inclusive spaces that foster belonging
  • Ensuring the safety of Indigenous, Black and Racialized participants
  • Empowering and nourishing programming
  • Community centred and informed programming

If you share these values, we want to hear from you. Get in touch to discuss ways in which we can support your programs and events. Promote your projects through our channels, collaborate on events or contribute content to this space. Whatever you have in mind, let’s chat!

Upcoming Events

  • Tue, Apr 23, 2024

    How Do I Calm My Inner Critic?

    Learn how to use empathy, mindfulness and self-compassion to quiet your inner critic in a workshop for East Asian, Southeast Asian and South Asian students.

    Student Life Health and Wellness
  • Wed, Apr 24, 2024

    Rest and Recoup—Exam Break

    Join Hart House for additional spaces of rest during the exam season.

Listen to Podcasts

In Meditation

In Meditation: Ep. 1 - Grounding

Led by Liz C., this meditation will help move awareness away from thoughts and into the body to encourage a felt sense of calmness and relaxation.

In Meditation: Ep. 2 - Resilience

Led by Liz C., this practice taps into what it means to be resilient. We can’t control what happens to us, but we can learn to regulate our reactions.

In Meditation: Ep. 3 - Walking Meditation

Led by Liz C., this walking meditation is designed to help release repetitive thoughts and connect you into your body and the present moment.

In Meditation: Ep. 4 - Self Healing

Led by Bro. Kofi, listeners are guided through a mindfulness meditation and will explore visualizations seeded in self-love.

In Meditation: Ep. 5 - Strength

Led by Bro. Kofi, this meditation uses African drum sounds as it guides listeners through an inner-strength meditation infused with resiliency affirmations.

In Meditation: Ep. 6 - Self Love

Led by Bro. Kofi, listeners are guided through a serene meditation accompanied by self-love affirmations to help boost healthy perspectives and reflections.

In Conversation

In Conversation: EP1 On My Mind

The panelists explore the nuances of mental health and well being while honouring the contributions of Indigenous, Black and Racialized people.

In Conversation: EP. 2 Stolen

Erica Violet Lee, Marycarmen Lara Villaneuva & Tony Luong explore what it means to live and be well as Racialized people in the face of a socially unwell world.

In Conversation: EP3 The Ways We Move

Professor Janelle Joseph, Jahmeek Murray Taylor, Shanèl Dear, and Melissa Doldron take us on a journey of exploring movement and its connection to wellness.

In Conversation: EP4 Nourished

Dr. Amrita Ghai, Idil Farah and Leslie Campbell move beyond macronutrients to take us on a nourishing discussion about food and its connections to wellness.

In Conversation: EP5 I Hold You Close

Jela Tubei, Elvin J. Velasco, Jennifer Lau and Terry Gardiner give us a road map for care and an example of how to hold each other close.

In Conversation: EP 6 Black Beauties

Alica Hall, Brittany Randell, and Matthew Progress chat about Black aesthetics, cultures and creative means of expression and joy.

In Conversation: EP 7 A Beautiful World

The world is a difficult space. Yet, it overflows with deliberate and accidental beauty. Our guests discuss how they create spaces for beauty and wellness.

In the House

In the House: EP1 Picture This W. Olivia Allen

Olivia Allen, Hart House program facilitator who studied art therapy discusses all things art therapy.

In the House: EP2 Every Movement Counts W. Martin Phills

Martin Phills has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. In this episode, Martin shares his experiences in the fitness and broader wellness space.

In the House: EP3 Jenny’s Story W. Jenny Blackbird

Jenny Blackbird shares her experience as an Indigenous person going to school in Toronto and facing the institutions that have marginalize Indigenous people.

In the House: EP4 A Practice of Care W. Jeahlisa Bridgeman

Jeahlisa Bridgeman, registered Social Worker, explores what “care” is and how we can care for ourselves and others, particularly during challenging times.

In the House: EP5 An Introduction W. Rebekah Robinson

Get to know Rebekah Robinson, the co-producer of the Living Well podcast and 4th year U of T student.

In The House: Ep 6 Good science with Daeria Lawson

Health researcher and PhD student, Daeria Lawson, chats about her research, good science, what it is, and its impact on health outcomes.

Past Events

  • Fri, Feb 2, 2024

    Rest Is Resistance – Black History Month

    Join the Well Being Collective @ Hart House for additional spaces of rest during Black History Month. Rest is resistance.

  • Mon, Jan 29, 2024

    Barbershop 2024

    Black Futures Barbershop. Afro-textured hair services at Hart House.

  • Wed, Jan 24, 2024

    Learning To Lead

    Explore your exercise creativity, initiative, and community through movement and reflective dialogue with Learning to Lead!

  • Wed, Jan 17, 2024

    Black Self-Care Fair

    Join us for a day of creating, pampering, learning and connecting – all free of charge.

  • Fri, Oct 27, 2023

    Outdoor Wellness Retreat

    Students will be exposed to the outdoors, connect with nature and spirituality through reflective meditations and wellness activities, while building community.

Our Team

  • picture of Olivia Allen

    Olivia Allen

    Wellness, Fitness and Recreation Programs Coordinator

  • picture of Alicia Brown

    Alicia Brown

    Marketing, Sales and Membership Engagement Officer

  • picture of H. R. Martin Phills

    H. R. Martin Phills

    Fitness and Wellness Advisor

  • picture of Rebeckah Price

    Rebeckah Price

    Wellness Advocate and Yoga Teacher


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