Credit: Masoud Riyazati

The House congratulates ten U of T undergrads and grads who have, this spring, won two prestigious awards: the 2024 Audrey Hozack Student Leadership Award and the 2024 Judi Schwartz Memorial Scholarship.

Student initiative, leadership, volunteerism and dedication are integral to the vision of Hart House. Each year, the House recognizes the exceptional contributions that students make through their commitment and leadership. This year, the House toasted the winners on April 9, 2024.

Award winners flanked by David Kim, Warden of Hart House, and Sandy Welsh, Vice-Provost, Students. Credit: Masoud Riyazati.


"Cultivating a space for student leadership is key and two donor-supported awards are perfect examples of how we can shine a spotlight on these remarkable undergrad and grad students: The Audrey Hozack Student Leadership Award and the Judi Schwartz Memorial Scholarship,” says Associate Director of Advancement Peter Wambera.

The 2024 Audrey Hozack Student Leadership Award

Audrey Hozack was the first woman to assume a senior leadership position at Hart House. She retired as Assistant Warden after 39 years of service. 

The donors who created this award were motivated to recognize the spirit of volunteerism and student leadership. The award also supports Hart House’s strategic goals of enhanced participation and engagement for communities whose members have been traditionally underrepresented in our space and programming.

Helner Costa Tiago (Credit: Masoud Riyazati)

This year’s winner of the Audrey Hozack Student Leadership Award is Helner Costa Tiago. Helner is an exceptional leader, demonstrating unwavering commitment to enriching the Hart House community, as well as broader U of T and Toronto communities. He was active in BEE (Brotherhood of Ethnic Excellence), providing inspiration about programming designed for the Black community at Hart House and U of T, with much dedication to fostering success among the next generation of Black youth. He empowers participants and his fellow students to be their authentic selves. He connects with individuals beyond his immediate circle and fosters positive relationships.

The 2024 Judi Schwartz Memorial Scholarship

Judi Schwartz was the founding curator and director of the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery at Hart House. An employee at the House for 32 years, she was a passionate advocate for student-led communities.

This scholarship recognizes the achievements and contributions of student leaders.

This year, there were nine winners, all photogrpahy by Masoud Riyazati:

Calista Barber was active on the Hart House Student Farm Committee for three years – one of those as Co-Chair. They possess considerable knowledge about the Farm and how to execute events. Calista went above and beyond to bring Committee members and other students to and from the Farm. Calista was highly supportive of their team members, doing check-ins and being a vibrant member of the team.

Auden Cole was involved with the Hart House Camera Club and markedly focused on creating a more accessible darkroom. He played an important role in establishing and facilitating the Camera Club’s Artist-in-Residence Program, ensuring that the artists have everything they need to produce new and original works.

Nathaniel Frost has been an executive member of the Hart House Symphonic Band for two years. He has helped to create an engaging, inclusive and dynamic experience for all members. He is dedicated to offering an unforgettable musical experience for the community. He cares deeply and works well with his peers, while also supporting others.

Nicole Fung has been the Chair of the Hart House Student Music Committee for two years. She is committed to designing, planning and orchestrating events. She has sought to amplify the voices of not only the Committee members but also the broader U of T community. She has highlighted U of T musicians through DEMO Magazine and many events. Nicole has inspired many students to express themselves and lead with confidence.

Helia Karami has been a member of the Hart House Student Literary and Library Committee for three years as Outreach Coordinator, Equity and Diversity Officer, and Co-Chair. She ensured that events ran smoothly, providing opportunities for students to feel safe in expressing themselves. She supported the social justice reading list – literary suggestions that highlight authors of colour. She also participated in the Committee on Budgets, advocating for the appropriate fund use.

Lisanne Koehler thrived with Global Commons as a work study student. She raised awareness of children’s rights among the student body. She was involved in the Design Jam for Global Commons. She was also a program planner for the Hart House Student Social Justice Committee. She has integrated social justice clubs into the fabric of U of T and consistently demonstrated initiative, leadership and a genuine passion for creating positive change.

Victoria Lee was the Chair of the Hart House Student Art Committee and Secretary of the executive. She is dedicated to fostering inclusivity within the art community, strategically recruiting executive members from all three campuses, orchestrating dynamic kick-off events and active recruitment. She supported the Committee on a day-to-day basis and also looked to the future to broaden the scope of the Committee.

Whitney Mambou has worked with programs designed to reach the community within and outside U of T, since starting at Hart House. She served as a Student Ambassador. She oversaw board game cafés for exchange students, presented at the Board of Stewards meetings and planned student events. As well, she was a Facilitator of the Youth Advisory Council and she was active in BEE

Lucas Olmstead was involved with the Hart House Finance Committee. He served as the Treasurer of the Committee on Budgets and the Steward. He also organized the Financial Literacy workshops. To bolster engagement, he requested an increase in the finance budget to be able to offer more workshops and events throughout the year. He has worked to provide inclusive and accessible opportunities for all students.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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