Hart House Camera Club


Anyone can take a photo, but understanding photography as a powerful tool to communicate can truly change the world. The Hart House Camera Club is one of the oldest student photography clubs in North America.

We offer darkroom facilities to process film and make prints as well as a digital suite for scanning and editing. We regularly host critical salons for friendly peer-to-peer critique and photo walks to get you out into the community and our flagship event. Our annual exhibition of photography is a much-loved event that's been happening for over one hunded years. Like all Hart House Clubs, membership is open to all.

At the Hart House Camera Club, we believe a solid grounding in photographic techniques is only one part of creating compelling images that communicate volumes. A subtle medium, photography is endlessly flexible in meeting your needs to create, express, witness, or simply just have some fun. So, clearly, there’s a lot in a picture and that includes you!

If you are new to photography Hart House offers a wide variety of photography courses through our Creative LifeSchool (formerly named Creative Classes), designed to improve skills and deepen photography as a creative practice.

OPEN TO ALL! No prior photography experience is needed! No portfolio is needed! 

Please visit our Membership Page for more information, or join our Discord! See below for different membership levels. 

  • Club Contact:
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  • Program Advisor:
    • Saša Rajšić

      Coordinator, Integrated Arts Education

      .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) 416-978-3505
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