Global Commons 2023/2024 A Global Skill, Community and Impact Incubator

Connection and communication are more important than ever before, and honing our ability to navigate dialogue becomes imperative for collective progress.

In a world where connection and communication are more important than ever before, honing our ability to navigate dialogue becomes imperative for personal growth and collective progress.

Welcome to the Hart House Global Commons, a program dedicated to empowering University of Toronto students with the tools and mindset necessary to engage in meaningful dialogue and navigate the conversations that shape our world. Join us as we embark on the seventh year of this transformative journey toward fostering understanding, empathy, and positive change in the 21st century. Together, let's unlock the power of dialogue and embrace the beauty of diverse perspectives.

In today's fast-paced and interconnected world, we find ourselves constantly surrounded by diverse perspectives, experiences, and worldviews. The global community we inhabit is a tapestry of cultures, beliefs, and values, each contributing to the rich mosaic of humanity. It is within this vibrant tapestry that the power of dialogue emerges as a vital tool for fostering understanding, empathy, and positive change.


To navigate this landscape effectively, we must develop the skills to engage in conversations that transcend differences and bridge divides. In a world where connection and communication are more important than ever before, honing our ability to navigate dialogue becomes imperative for personal growth and collective progress.

Themes explored in this year’s season include: 

  • Climate
  • Community
  • Democracy
  • Identity

How to get involved

Hart House Global Commons empowers you to become a confident communicator, an active listener, and a catalyst for positive change in today's interconnected world. There are several ways you can get involved:

Design Jam: "Designing for Wicked Problems: Democracy, Community, and Alternative Futures"

This Design Jam invites university students at all levels to collaborate with community partners on real-world design challenges related to climate change, democracy, and envisioning new futures. The co-design process is community-engaged, requiring on the ground connections with peers and community partners. 

This program runs for five consecutive weeks, with 2.5 hour workshops each Friday from 11:00 am – 1:30 pm EST, from September 29 to October 27, 2023. 

Workshop: "Facilitating Inclusive Global Classrooms"

Attendees of this session will embark on an immersive learning journey that equips them with the essential skills to effectively lead and collaborate with diverse teams in a global context. Through the lens of design thinking, participants will gain valuable insights into harnessing creativity, empathy, and innovation to overcome the unique challenges posed by cross-cultural collaboration.


Workshop: "Practicing Effective Dialogue"

Fall 2023 & Winter 2024

In a world divided by diverse views and perspectives, effective and respectful dialogue is more important than ever. Hart House is taking the lead on teaching students the skills necessary for effective dialogue.

In this half-day learning session, students will gain the skills and competencies needed to practice effective dialogue across diverse cultures and perspectives.

Workshop: Working in Multicultural Teams Using Intercultural Perspectives

Monday, October 23 - 12 pm to 1:30 pm EST.

In our diverse and interconnected world, learning how to work with diverse cultures and perspectives is imperative. Students are encouraged to participate in this 1.5 hour workshop, led by the University of Toronto Mississauga's International Education Centre (IEC) as we learn the skills necessary to build professional and social relationships with diverse cultural backgrounds and perspectives.

More information coming soon.


Campaigns & Outreach

Student staff and Hart House volunteers will work together to plan, design, discuss, and lead sessions and implement dialogue-to-action opportunities for students across the three U of T campuses. Students will work to educate the community on topics relevant to the global community, sharing perspectives and experiences from around the world. We look forward to engage with students and community members through in-person sessions, through social media campaigns, and through in-person tabling and outreach initiatives.


Hart House is grateful for the support and assistance of its many partners in the presentation of the Hart House Global Commons.


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Global Classroom for Democracy Innovation
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For general inquiries about the Hart House Global Commons 2023-2024, please contact Marco Adamovic.

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