"Memories of One Summer Day," 2023. Taro Cai. Winner. Photographic Essay and Grand Prize, Hart House Camera Club 102nd Annual Exhibition of Photography, 2024.


The Hart House Camera Club was founded in 1919. In 1922, the club held its First Annual Exhibition of Photography. The tradition has continued over the years, providing Hart House members and the University of Toronto students with the opportunity to display their work to a broad audience. Today, the Annual Exhibition of Photography remains one of the longest-running photography contests in North America.

The exhibition has nine categories, allowing for a wide range of creative projects. The categories have changed over the years. They include Film Prints (Mastery of Printing and Mastery of Execution), Portraiture, People, Places, Nature, Altered Images, Campus Life Images, and Photographic Essay categories. Cash prizes are awarded to the winners, and those prints are donated to the University of Toronto Archives and Records Management office for posterity.

Artists: Melissa Arasin, Shahmeer Athar, Aymeric Barbeau, Taro Cai, Art Chow, Greg Cooke, Izza Farhan, Nance Fleming, Anouk de Gouvello, Rick Halpern, Amani Hassan, Pravar Joshi, Shebonti Khandaker, Jacob Lee, Gerald Lerchbaumer, Melissa Li, James Lin, Celina Liu, Yangming Liu, Samuel Lui, Zuoxi Luo, Matthew MacQuarrie-Cottle, Tanmay Patel, Miqa Sears, Tracey Suba, Madeleine Tomala, Sydney Waters, David Williams, Yuhuan Xie, Hiu Yi


Altered Images
Gaze of the Druid, James Lin - Winner
Mud, Yangming Liu - Runner-Up
When I Was Younger, Sydney Waters - Honorable Mention
Feeling Good Today, Jacob Lee

Campus Life
Cooldown, Gerald Lerchbaumer - Winner
Ten After, Matthew MacQuarrie-Cottle - Runner-Up
During a Snowstorm, Hiu Yi Kwok - Honorable Mention 
Plateau, Gerald Lerchbaumer

Photographic Essay 
Memories of One Summer Day, Taro Cai - Winner
Disintegrating Memories, Samuel Lui - Runner-Up
Dogs Making People Feel, Pravar Joshi - Honorable Mention
Meurteada, Tracey Suba

Meditative, David Williams - Winner
Untitled, Shahmeer Athar - Runner-Up
Rituals in Transfigured Time, Celina Liu - Honorable Mention
Sprouting Spring, Tanmay Patel
Portrait 2, Samuel Lui
Prom Night, Madeleine Tomala

Gawkers, Yuhuan Xie - Winner
Deep Cut, Greg Cooke - Runner-Up
Mayfly Carpet, Art Chow - Honorable Mention 
Sabbatical, Gerald Lerchbaumer
On Top of the World, Madeleine Tomala
All the Shades of Green, Melissa Arasin
Bruarfoss, Greg Cooke

Surviving Paradise, Greg Cooke - Winner
Kerlingarfjoll Ridge, Greg Cooke - Runner-Up
Sunset at Golden Gate Bridge, Melissa Li - Honorable Mention
Cottages, Cape Cod, Rick Halpern
Au bord d'un autoroute direction Valence, Anouk de Gouvello
Beyond the Headland, Madeleine Tomala
Night at Chinatown Centre, Izza Farhan
En Route, Miqa Sears
Dior, James Lin

All Aboard, David Williams - Winner
Generations, David Williams - Runner Up
Pepsi Cola, Aymeric Barbeau - Honorable Mention 
Lake Trassimeno, Sydney Waters
Connections, Nance Flemming
Young Boy Reclining Riverside, Shebonti Khandaker
Washing the Dishes for Nanny, Madeleine Tomala
Streaming, Zuoxi Luo
Getting Ready, Amani Hassan

Grand Prize
Memories of One Summer Day, Taro Cai - Winner


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  • Date: Wed, Mar 20, 2024
  • Time & Duration: (all day) (38 days)
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    • General Admission


  • Venue:
    Hart House
    7 Hart House Cir,
    Toronto, ON M5S 3H3
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  • Room: 2nd Floor Hallway
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