Scattered markers and magazines during the Stolen Futures zine-making workshop in March 2024.
Scattered markers and magazines during the Stolen Futures zine-making workshop in March 2024.

In March 2024, the Hart House Youth Advisory Council held a zine-making workshop where fellow high school-aged youth from across the Greater Toronto Area each created one page relating to the collective theme of Stolen Futures. This exhibit serves as a walk-through zine. We invite you to imagine yourself flipping through each page as you pass by.

How we got here

In a world marked by systemic inequities and a fervent desire for progressive change, the Council has also embraced the call to action inspired by the inclusive ideologies of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This exhibition is not just a vibrant expression of art; it is a collective outcry against the environmental degradation and economic injustices inherited from past generations. This initiative embodies our commitment to creating a sustainable and equitable future.

By embracing the principles of and remembering the enduring impact of the Hart House legacy, we seek to build a world where justice prevails and every identity is celebrated. We stand together, drawing inspiration from the resilience and advocacy of figures to redefine our stolen futures into a tapestry of empowerment and unity. Together, we are not just artists; we are architects of the future, dedicated to nurturing an inclusive, compassionate, and socially just society.

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