Hart House For You. Welcome to Winter 2024 Orientation!

At Hart House, immerse yourself in a variety of activities and events, and discover endless opportunities that will empower and inspire you. This is where you can thrive as you start or build your U of T journey!

Being able to engage students across disciplines and years of study through their shared passion for music – and helping them realize that despite how large U of T may feel, there is still a community to belong to – is the most rewarding part of my experience at Hart House.

U of T Student

We're excited to welcome you to Frost Week!

Join us the week of January 15th for lots of fun-filled activities, food, and more!

Find out how you can get involved in various co-curricular activities, events and programs. Come drop-in and de-stress, pay a visit to our great fitness facilities, or just come hang out with friends in one of the many cool places at Hart House.

Frost Week

Hart House is For You

Looking for a place to be creative?

A space to connect, grab a bite and make new friends?

How about a space to disconnect from it all, play the piano, take yoga and study quietly? Then Hart House is just the place for you.

Come through and learn more about the many programs, activities and workshops on offer.

Upcoming Events

  • Sat, Jul 20, 2024

    Indiscernible thresholds, escaped veillances

    Indiscernible thresholds, escaped veillances is the second of two exhibitions exploring the roles of absence and opacity in rendering trans and queer lives.

  • Mon, Jul 22, 2024

    Darkroom Social Printing

    Social printing session for camera club members to discuss the process, ask questions, and make new friends!

  • Wed, Jul 24, 2024

    Producers' Circle + Lyricists' Lounge

    This drop-in, co-curricular initiative seeks to support Hart House's Hip Hop Education program by bringing together beatmakers producers and music creators.

  • Wed, Jul 24, 2024

    City Hall Live in The Quad

    Hart House presents a free outdoor concert series for the month of July!

  • Thu, Jul 25, 2024

    Hart House Film Board Monthly Meetups

    A monthly mingle for film lovers with the Hart House Film Board.

  • Fri, Jul 26, 2024

    Camera Club Open Studio

    Camera Club Open Studios offer an opportunity to photograph your model or object in a studio setting.

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Hart House Registered Clubs

Join one of our Clubs! U of T students, staff, faculty and community members from across all three campuses come together to explore common interests or to try new things when they join one of Hart House’s Registered Clubs. Participants from a wide range of ages and abilities can participate in music, arts and a wide variety of recreational pursuits.

Choose from archery, bridge, camera, chess, debating, film, photography, scuba diving and seven musical groups.

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Hart House Student Committees

A chance to play an active role in empowering and enhancing the student experience, Hart House student committees deliver programs that bring communities together. Each committee also has representation on our governing body, the Hart House Board of Stewards.

Students acquire skills in good governance and learn to work with peers, faculty and external advisors toward common causes. Members develop leadership skills that serve them well in their post-Hart House lives and careers.

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