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Imagine a songwriters’ circle, but for music producers, makers and creators. The Producers' Circle is not about expertise or competition, but about community and collaboration. Each session features guests, knowledge exchanges and critical listening sessions, as well as beat and track share, where attendees share various pieces that they have worked on, explore how they made it and receive a wide range of feedback from peers. It's all love.

Sometimes the hardest part is sharing something that isn't finished. The more opportunities we have to develop our collaborative muscle, the easier it becomes.

You don't have to be a maker/producer to hang out. Listeners are more than welcome, too. No pressure 😊.


This initiative seeks to support Hart House’s Hip Hop Education by bringing together beatmakers, producers and music creators in an informal and open space to share beats, tracks, techniques, questions and ideas.

The aim of these sessions is to create a supportive music production community of practice, dedicated to creative expression and artistic development. Whether you're just getting started or have been a producer for many years, this session is meant to be an inclusive environment for music producers of all levels and anyone interested in music production.

All genres of music are welcome!


Sample Challenge events are strictly for educational and community-building purposes. No copies of the sampled track will be created for the explicit purpose of distribution or monetization.

Event formats:

We have a range of different events. You’ll find the dates and times below, as well as which event format we’re hosting. 

Sample Challenge: We provide a track and you chop it, sample it, flip it and create something new. We all share in a non-judgmental space.

Drop-in beat / track share: Bring any music you’re working on, or something you made ages ago! The point is to share music, learn from each other and maybe get a few collaborations off the ground. All genres are welcome!

Workshops: We’ll bring in a guest to share their knowledge, wisdom and approaches to various elements of music production and the industry. These are informal discussions, and not so much presentations. Guests will also hang out and listen to tracks from the group, and provide feedback on pieces. 

Live Creation Session: Bring anything you need to make a new composition (laptop, audio interface, midi, headphones, etc.). We'll provide everyone with a prompt and a sample pack. You have 60 minutes to create something new! We'll workshop everyone's pieces at the end. These session are intended to connect you to the process of creation, without any judgment or preconceived idea of the end product. We invite you to challenge yourself to just create!


Wed, Sep 14

Workshop: Building your own Bass Sound

with Bill Xu

Location: Music Room, 2nd Floor

Wed, Sep 28

Workshop: Critical Listening and Track Share

with Marco Adamovic

Location: Committees Room, 2nd Floor

Wed, Oct 12

Workshop: Mixing (101, buses, and groups)

with Nick Lloyd-Kuzik

Location: Virtual only

Wed, Oct 26

Workshop: My Creative Approach

with Lloyd McArton

Location: UTSC AA304; Virtual

Wed, Nov 9

The Art of Mixing

with Calvin Hartwick

Location: Burwash Room, 2nd Floor; Virtual

Wed, Nov 23

Live Creation Session

In collaboration with Soundwaves UTSC (@soundwaves_utsc)

Location: Debates Room, 2nd Floor; UTSC Leigha Lee Browne Theatre; Virtual

Wed, Jan 18

Workshop: Approaches to EQ

with Marco Adamovic

Location: Debates Room, 2nd Floor

Wed, Feb 1

Live Creation Session

Location: Burwash Room, 2nd Floor

Wed, Feb 15

Workshop: Outreach and Promotion

with Marco Adamovic

Location: Burwash Room, 2nd Floor

Wed, Mar 1

Live Creation Session

Location: Burwash Room, 2nd Floor

Wed, Mar 15

Workshop: Interpreting 'The Creative Act: A Way of Being" by Rick Rubin

with Marco Adamovic

Location: Burwash Room, 2nd Floor

Wed, Mar 29

Live Creation Session

Location: Bickersteth Room, 3rd Floor



Other things to know

  • This is a Hybrid Event that will be both in-person and held on the Zoom videoconferencing platform. Download the Zoom desktop app here(Link opens in a new tab) 
  • The session will not be active until shortly before 7:00pm.
  • You'll want to have your DAW and track ready to go before we start.

In collaboration with:

The Department of Arts, Culture and Media (ACM, UTSC)

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  • Date: Wed, Sep 14, 2022
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  • Time & Duration: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm (EST) (2h)
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  • Venue: Hart House with Zoom option
  • Note: Possible in-person sessions TBD
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