A joint production between the Hart House Hip Hop Education program and Talking Walls series.

From high fashion to high tops, sneakers have become an integral part of hip hop culture and the world at large. Their evolution over the years, and their history, have been directly related to transformative moments in our social and cultural history, as well. Sneaker brands have cemented themselves into our social consciousness and companies have created entire narratives about who we are and who we aspire to be. For evidence of this, look no further than Nike naming Colin Kaepernick as their Face of the Year to commemorate their 30th anniversary. 

For My Sneaker Story, we canvassed U of T students, staff, and community members across all three campuses to talk about their relationship with their kicks. From sporting engagements to collector shoes, to a first pair, sneakers weave and connect us to an ongoing global story. These personal reflections demonstrate that sneakers will never be just another shoe but rather a piece of who we are. 

Explore and experience the stories that bind us all in this microcosm of the sneaker revolution; connecting people across the globe who represent various identities, classes, and ethnicities.

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  • Date: Tue, Jan 7, 2020
  • Time & Duration: (all day) (146 days)
  • Venue:
    Hart House
    7 Hart House Cir,
    Toronto, ON M5S 3H3
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