(Right) MAHLIKAH AWE:RI performing poetry at Exploring Black & Indigenous Futurisms: An Artist Talk in the Present. (Left) Nicky Lawrence, The Ugly Black Woman: Reflections in Song and Discussion.

Hart House For You

At Hart House, we seek to engage and connect with U of T students and the broader community in a dedicated effort to ensure that Hart House is for everyone — That Hart House is for YOU.

A man is instructing a young man in building a lego art piece.
Ekow Nimako (right) with a participant at Building Beyond Interactive LEGO Workshop at Hart House.

Our commitment

To Indigenous and Racialized students, colleagues, friends and community members: we recognize the many challenges you face from ongoing oppression like colonialism, prejudice and racism (including anti-Black racism), and we reaffirm our solidarity with you and pledge our commitment to helping advance racial equity and justice.

A lady is talking.
Rebecca Belmore at the Hart House Centennial Commission Artist Talk.

Shared Community

Through programming that spans arts, dialogue, wellness and community engagement, our work is guided by our commitment to create opportunities where everyone can see themselves represented. We also know our collaborative and experiential learning programs are small steps in the ongoing unlearning and relearning we must engage in as an organization.

Mahlikah Awe:ri poem

Performance of "I Slaughtered The Human" at the Hart House Exploring Black and Indigenous Futures event.

Chizoba Imoka Hancock Lecture

Black and Educated? Unveiling the Contradictions and Redesigning the Future.

A man and a woman are presenting a talk.
Warden John Monahan with Chemi Lhamo at the 2019 Hart House Hancock Lecture.

Moving Forward

We understand that we exist as part of structures that are grounded in histories of oppression. We are committed to continuing to examine and confront embedded and systemic manifestations of those histories throughout our organization and particularly in the work that we produce.

Tue, May 28, 2019  / 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

The Promise and Potential of Indigenous Sovereignty in Canada

The first event in the Hart House Centennial Dialogue series with the Hon. Ethel Blondin-Andrew, PC.

Hip Hop & Wellness From Home Series / Haviah Mighty

Haviah Mighty talks all things wellness in this IGTV video.

Land-Based Indigenous Education at the Hart House Farm with the Waakebiness-Bryce Institute for Indigenous Health, Dalla Lana School of Public Health.

Healing & Wellness

Listening and learning from voices that have often been unheard, unacknowledged and undervalued is a priority. Through such programs as Indigenous Land-based Learning at the Hart House Farm, Hart House Fitness Centre wellness programming, Youth Access and Black Futures career and self-care workshops, we hope to create a more inclusive and engaging space.

The (in)Visible Black Woman

Zoe and Jessica sit down with Dr. LaToya Brackett and Dr. Janelle Joseph to discuss their work experiences and how they set boundaries for self-care.

Hip Hop & Wellness From Home Series / Marcus Singleton

Markus Singleton talks about rediscovering his love of being at home and finding creative ways to connect with others.

a group of young people are standing and smiling.
Rachel Huang, Farhiya Jama, Jessica Rayne, Noyz and Phoenix Pagliacci (l-r) at Hart House Humanz of Hip Hop

Working together

When it comes to the pursuit of equity, we know that “talk is cheap” if it is not accompanied by constructive, authentic and ongoing actions. We also acknowledge that there is much we still have to learn. We need to learn how to better recognize our own privileges and how to sit in the discomfort that can result from an honest assessment of our own complicity in various oppressions against Indigenous and Racialized people.

We are therefore deeply grateful to our partners on campus and in the community for their patience with us and for their willingness to collaborate on the creation of Hart House programs that shine a light on anti-Indigenous and racist words, practices and systems. By working together, we seek to bring about a more equitable and inclusive world for all.  

Hip Hop Education Impact Report

A comprehensive overview of the Hart House Hip Hop Education series.

The Hancock Lecture Series

The annual Lecture ignited conversation about transformation, embracing our differences, and what making our world a more just and equitable place looks like.

Hip Hop Café with Drezus

The following is a recording from the Hart House Hip Hop Café hosted by Drezus, an internationally acclaimed MC and activist based out of Blackfoot Territory.

The Ever-Evolving Alphabet

Artist Nyle Johnston created an original mural for Hart House Hip Hop Education.


Let's talk about God, life, Pan-Africanism, books, culture and everything in between.

Jan 7 – May 31, 2020  / All Day

Talking Walls Exhibition: My Sneaker Story Online Exhibit

Personal reflections illustrating how sneakers are a vital piece of culture and who we are.

Indigenous Language

An exhibition on the importance of preserving and sustaining endangered languages.

Sep 4 – Nov 30, 2019  / All Day

God of Gods: A Canadian Play

Artist Deanna Bowen in conversation with Lynda Jessup and others.