Yin is a fourth-year Economics student with a wide range of interests from dance to singing to volunteering.

Yin is a fourth-year Economics student with a wide range of interests from dance to singing to volunteering. As an international student, she was eager to experience all that the University of Toronto had to offer. She found her way to Hart House in her first year and has been actively involved ever since. It is fitting that she has two minors, one in English and one in education, as she is always eager to learn new things and to share her experiences with others.

“I am interested in dance and fitness,” Yin told us. “This summer, I signed up for contemporary dance at Hart House, and it was an amazing experience. I kept looking for fitness classes offered at Hart House and am a big fan of outdoor activities.”

Recently, she took a ballet class at Hart House and was inspired by her instructor, Portia Wade.  

“She has passion and dedication not only in bringing the art of dance to the U of T community, but also delivering an international art to different countries and communicates. As Ms. Wade put it, the gracefulness of ballet as an art transcends the limits of language and the elation it brings to its learners crosses the boundaries of nations and gathers us together.”

Crossing the boundaries of nations is something with which Yin is familiar. “I am an international student from China,” she says. “Back in my high school, we have a large gym, but there aren’t many artistic or athletic courses offered there. The school puts its main focus on students’ academic achievement and is primarily oriented for College Entrance Examinations. Once or twice a week, we have a gym class.”

Yin’s first connection to Hart House was as a member of the Recreational Athletics and Wellness Committee. “I applied to become a member of this committee out of curiosity and interest in enriching student experiences on campus,” she explains. “I helped with coordination and planning of the events and programs under the committee and gained valuable experience through this volunteer opportunity.

“I also joined Hart House Singers, which holds regular rehearsals and practices in the Great Hall at Hart House. I got to know amazing people who share similar interests with me, and attending practices was the highlight of my regular day at that time. Because of these memorable experiences, I decided to apply to become a Hart House ambassador. I hope to share the joyfulness that I gained at Hart House, and invite fellow students to explore with me, as well.

“This year, I helped with the promotion of Hart House events at three campuses. Connecting students to their interests through events, clubs, and committees at Hart House has always been a joy to me. I hope to show students that Hart House is a place for them to learn, to grow, and to have joy.”