Registered Classes

fitness class iconDo you have a secret desire to belly dance? Maybe you’d like to finally beat that guy at squash. Or perhaps you’re looking for balance and harmony through yoga? Hart House registered classes make it happen.

Classes are taught by top-notch instructors and many offer beginner and advanced options. Whatever your fitness level and health goals, there’s a class for you.


Hart House Classes & Workshops guide and schedule.

2014 Spring/Summer Classes are now on sale!

Summer memberships for students

For summertime access to the Hart House Fitness Centre classes, students must pay a membership fee. If you are an undergraduate student enrolled in a summer course, it is likely that you already have paid the incidental fee as part of your enrolment costs. Undergraduates not enrolled in summer classes and almost all graduate students have not paid this fee (confirm with your Registrar or on ROSI).

The price of a Summer fitness membership, for Winter 2014 students, is $80.31. For more information about how to purchase a summer membership, please visit the Hub on the main floor at Hart House.

Need help registering?

Visit the Information Hub (main level), contact our staff at 416.978.2452 and or view our online instructions: How to register