Promotions Overview

The Hart House Brand

As members of Hart House Registered Club Programs and Committees, you represent the Hart House brand. The activities you host and how you promote them are part of something larger than your club or committee. It represents the community of Hart House.

Hart House offers events and activities in the areas of arts, dialogue and wellness. Clubs and committees support at least one of these areas of engagement.

Why Hart House?

Our brand communicates why people want to become involved, not just how. Hart House offers an opportunity for connection, exploration, building skills and meaningful interactions.

Our brand images feature real people to represent the breadth of our community. The two-colour split and variety of objects suggest a chance for self-discovery and learning about a new side of yourself.

Our logo includes a "For You" lockup version for use on campus to emphasize inclusivity and community. Download the Hart House logo, the lockup and student group footers.

Colour Palette

Hart House's brand colours are vibrant and varied. Each of our areas of engagement is represented in two colours. While clubs and committees are not obligated to stick to this colour palette, we suggest using the palette to inspire your designs. 

Accessibility and Design

Please keep accessibility guidelines in mind when designing and always use one of the Hart House footers. Send your designs to [email protected] for review.

Ask for Communications Support

All Hart House Registered Club Program and Committee members can promote University-related events to the campus community. Once you have planned your event, let us know by following these steps:

  1. Submit your event notification through our online form
  2. Design graphic assets
  3. Update your social media channels
  4. Connect with the campus community

Remember that all University of Toronto communications must comply with the Information and Communications Standard set out by the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). Visit AODA for more information.

Be sure to tag us (@HartHouseUofT) in your social media outreach so that we can help you promote your event.

Need more help?

Always feel free to contact the Communications Department. Contact us by email at [email protected].