Connect with Campus


Once you have submitted your Event Notification, you are ready to tell students, staff and faculty across campus about your event.

Campus Contacts and Resources

Poster Distribution

In the digital age, paper posters are less effective and less environmental than other forms of communication. If you do wish to distribute poster, please review these guidelines before setting out:

On-Campus Media

Campus media outlets may want to write a story about your event or feature your event listing. Contact them directly:

Faculties and Centres

Some events may appeal to students in certain fields of study. Contact those that are most appropriate for your upcoming event with details.


Each college has communications vehicles with a captive audience, send them details of your event or stop by with posters.

Other Campus Groups

There are hundreds of on-campus groups that may have similar interests as your group, so seek out connections with like-minded students.

Student Life

Student Life has a variety of avenues for distributing event information to students. Take a look at what they have available.

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