Attention theatre artists! Join us for a workshop on taking care of yourself in your stage-centric life! Led by multi-award-winning theatre director, choreographer, and educator Julie Tomaino.

Learn to navigate the balancing act of theatre passion with genuine self-care, ensuring your artistry remains vibrant without burnout. Learn to set pivotal boundaries in the bustling world of performances and auditions, while also honing in on your unique artistic motivations.

Craft routines that resonate with the theatre's dynamic pace and dive into the importance of community support within the theatrical realm. Wrap up with a focused Q&A Segment to elevate both your craft and well-being.


Hart House Theatre is only accessible from the outside of the Hart House building. It is located in the sub-basement of Hart House. The entrances to the Theatre (Audience Entrance and Stage Door) are outside of the building on either side of the entrance into the Arbor Room Cafe. Please enter through the Stage Door, located under the blue U of T banner. There are two flights of stairs to enter the Theatre. Should you require an accessible entrance, please contact [email protected].

Workshop Leader


Any questions please contact the Hart House Theatre U of T Work Study Students at: [email protected]

Event Ended

  • Date: Sun, Feb 11, 2024
  • Time & Duration: 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm (EST) (2h)
  • Cost:
    • Participants


  • Room: Hart House Theatre Lobby
  • Note: Priority registration for U of T students: registration is open to all on Jan. 18