Description & Learning Goals

Years after the birth of the #MeToo movement, sexual violence and harassment are still pervasive at all levels of our society. This workshop explores how ordinary people can help prevent such violence by first unpacking unspoken norms in our society that allow these injustices to occur. Participants explore topics of consent, boundaries and awareness of the types of power imbalances that contribute to gender violence and sexual abuse.


Using techniques from political theatre practitioner, Augusto Boal, Safe Hands promises to spark dialogue and equip participants with the skills needed to unpack the systemic roots of sexual violence. This workshop actively engages participants through dramatization and role play, empowering them with confidence to become active bystanders, unpack the complexities of gender violence, and recognize how power affects our understanding of consent.

Who is Theatre of the Beat

Theatre of the Beat is a Canadian touring theatre company working to catalyze conversations on social justice and its intersection with the beliefs of the communities in which we find ourselves. Since 2011, we have been staging change across the globe by creating original social justice theatre and workshops for underrepresented populations. Our company empowers its audience to work towards a just future. We have performed over three hundred shows in theatres, festivals, churches, universities, and prisons across North America, the United States, and Europe



Hart House Theatre is only accessible from the outside of the Hart House building. It is located in the sub-basement of Hart House. The entrances to the Theatre (Audience Entrance and Stage Door) are outside of the building on either side of the entrance into the Arbor Room Cafe. Please enter through the Stage Door, located under the blue U of T banner. There are two flights of stairs to enter the Theatre. Should you require an accessible entrance, please contact [email protected].


Any questions please contact the Hart House Theatre U of T Work Study Students at: [email protected]

Event Ended

  • Date: Tue, Nov 28, 2023
  • Time & Duration: 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm (EST) (1h)
  • Cost:
    • Open to All


  • Room: On Stage
  • Note: There are 20 spots available for this workshop.