The 2023 Hart House U of T Drama Festival Monologue Competition

Deadline to Apply:

Mon, Oct 9, 2023


The 2023 Hart House U of T Drama Festival Monologue Competition is a virtual submission and live performance event intended to provide all U of T students with a platform to share and promote their enthusiasm for creativity, storytelling and theatrical performance.

This third annual competition is a fun performance opportunity for U of T Students of all experience levels to increase accessibility and inclusivity in the campus arts community. The competition will provide incoming and current students with a chance to share their passion for performance while receiving recognition for the expression of talent and competing for fun and adjudicated awards. This Competition is a companion piece to the yearly Winter Term Hart House U of T Drama Festival which takes place on the historic Hart House Theatre Stage.

This year's Competition will be judged by Izad Etemadi, Sheree Spencer and Gabriella Sundar-Singh.

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Submission Guidelines

  • You must be a current U of T Student to submit to the Competition. We welcome all levels of experience to participate.
  • Content must be in the form of a: classical, contemporary, or Film/TV Monologue (dramatic or comedic)
  • Length is 1-minute minimum to 4 minutes maximum
  • Original or established works are accepted
  • There is a limit of one submission per participant
  • Please note we reserve the right to use the submission content in part or whole, however, there is no plan for public viewing of the competition content
  • The Competition Judges will shortlist performers for a live performance opportunity which will take place in-person on Monday, October 30th, 2023
  • Performers participating in the live event will receive a gift card and the panel of Judges will choose the Top Three Performances
  • There will also be an Award of Merit chosen by the Judges from the remaining submissions not selected for the live performance opportunity
  • All prizing will be issued in the form of $25 gift cards. Chosen performers for the live event will get to choose from a list of options
  • The deadline to submit video content is Monday, October 9, 2023, at 11:59 pm
  • Videos can be sent to the U of T Drama Festival
  • Please record it in landscape format and submit it as an MP4 file. If you are recording on a virtual platform like Zoom or MS Teams, please hide non-video participants (if any). Please submit raw unedited footage, shot in one take
  • Video Submissions must be accompanied by the Monologue Competition Submission Survey, including a list of content and trigger warnings
  • A Monologue will be disqualified from receiving any awards if any person has been paid for working on any aspect of the production. It will be up to the discretion of the Festival Coordinator(s) and Hart House Theatre Staff to decide if a submission has had an unfair advantage

Monologue Preparation

Trying to find the right monologue? Check out our Resource List.


Send any questions to the U of T Drama Festival. Please see the Fall Monologue Competition Package 2023 for full rules.