Hart House Mentorship Program

A unique program that provides mutually-rewarding experiences for both career and personal growth.


Graduate and mature part-time undergraduate students (2 years older than their cohort) at the University of Toronto expressed a desire for more mentorship opportunities. To address this need, the Hart House Mentorship Program was created, connecting students with successful alumni and friends of Hart House for meaningful mentor-mentee relationships.

This year, in order to service the needs of both students and young alumni, the program will include both one-on-one mentorship opportunities as well as Mentorship Networking Dinners where students, recent graduates and Hart House Alumni and Friends can connect to share mentorship conversations on career success and life after graduation in a relaxed environment.

What Makes This Program Unique?

The Hart House Mentorship Program matches mentors and mentees on the basis of both their professional ambitions AND their personal priorities, interests and passions. In many cases, mentors and mentees will be matched in completely different career fields because their extra-curricular interests are aligned.

Details of the Program

One-On-One Mentorship Program

The mentorship program will run from October 2023 to April 2024.

Matches are invited to the Mentorship Networking Dinners – November 22, 2023 and March 6, 2024

Each mentor/mentee match will decide together how often they would like to meet, but a minimum of three (3) meetings during the school year are strongly recommended (can be in-person, online or phone meetings.)

Mentorship Networking Dinners

Mentors and mentees who are not matched in the 1:1 program are invited to two Mentorship Networking Dinners – November 22, 2023 and March 6, 2024

Mentors who have met with young alumni, current graduate students and mature part-time undergraduate students who seem to be a “good fit” can choose to continue growing a more formal mentorship relationship during the remainder of the school year and beyond.

Being a Student Mentee

Fall applications are open from August 1-28, 2023


If you are either a U of T graduate student or a mature part-time undergraduate (at least 2 years older than your cohort) and will be enrolled in courses starting in the Fall of 2023, then you are eligible to apply.

There are many benefits to be gained through your participation. They include:

  • Expanding your professional and personal networks;
  • Discovering new strengths and building on existing ones;
  • Increasing your confidence in social and business settings;
  • Enhancing your engagement in the broader community; and
  • Learning from the experience and acquired the wisdom of a committed supporter.

I really enjoyed getting to meet so many new people. I enjoyed spending time with my mentor and gaining insight on how to make the best of my time here. I honestly wish the program were longer.

Naomi Inniss, Student Mentee

Being a Mentor

Apply now to become a Hart House Mentor


You don’t need to be a U of T alumnus to apply to become a Hart House mentor. Employed professionals will have the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping to provide direction and opportunities to a student that could help change the course of his/her/their life for the better. In fact, many mentors report that they benefit at least as much from the process of mentoring as do their mentees, and oftentimes more.

Serving as a mentor will allow you the opportunity to provide a graduate student or mature part-time undergraduate student with:

  • Access to professional and social networks;
  • Focused attention on the discovery of new strengths and the reinforcement of existing ones;
  • Increased confidence in social and business settings;
  • Introductions to communities of interest outside the classroom; and
  • Encouragement in the discernment of professional pathways.

I loved connecting with students and supporting them in their journey towards excellence!

Alexandria Ramoutar, U of T Alumna and Hart House Mentor


More Information

Please email Bonnie Merchan-Douglas, Alumni Engagement & Stewardship for Advancement or call 416-946-7325