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Hart House Creative LifeSchool

Hart House Creative LifeSchool offers so many ways to discover your own sense of wellness. Whether it means yoga and a walking tour or developing confidence and managing your finances, there are workshops, activities and a community of support for you.

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Mar 21 – Mar 30, 2023

Learn To SCUBA

The HHUC “Learn to Scuba” training course is designed to promote safe diving practices and prepare you for a lifetime of recreational diving - Join us!

Mar 23 – Apr 6, 2023

Get Crafty!

A free space that’s all about making stuff, trying new things, and getting creative with the things you have on hand at home.

Mar 28 – Mar 28, 2023

5-Buck Lunch

Join us for a tasty and satisfying meal, crafted by our Executive Chef — all at a price that will also deeply satisfy.

Mar 31 – Mar 31, 2023

Wellness Walks

Walk your way to better wellness. Meet new people, discover nearby parks and find your connection to the outdoors and a healthier you this semester.

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Soft Cooking

Soft Cooking is about bringing more ease, joy and play into the kitchen, while developing a practice of care and reconciliation.

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Hart House Archery Club

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Hart House Chess Club

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Hart House Underwater Club

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Hart House Recreational Athletics and Wellness Committee

Create programs to promote wellbeing and fitness, make…