• Hip Hop Education
    Year 2

    Hip hop education and artistic expression. It's not just about music. It's beats, rhymes, life and learning.


Now in its second year of activation Hart House Hip Hop Education continues its journey through the growth, development and change making power of Hip Hop. A look back at our inaugural year of the program can be found in the Hip Hop Impact Report, listed in the menu items above.

In our second year, we focus attention on the Canadian Hip Hop landscape both past and present with a suite of programs that situates Hip Hop locally, while always acknowledging its worldwide reach and future promise. 


  • Challenge

    Hip Hop has always existed as a means to deconstruct and challenge longstanding misunderstandings surrounding Black, Indigenous and other racialized people, to investigate systems of oppression and to give power and pride to those engaged in its community. 

  • Collaboration

    Working with our campus partners and community hip hop practitioners, our programs support values of representation, collaboration and social justice as we explore the key principles of hip hop and its importance in our everyday culture on all three campuses.  

  • Unique expression

    This is more than just rap. It’s a unique expression of culture steeped in self-knowledge, community building and personal empowerment, social activism and identity politics experienced through a matrix of music, dance, visual art, language, fashion.

  • Variety

    Through a combination of drop in programs, workshops, informal discussion groups, performances and other multidisciplinary initiatives, hip hop continues to rewrite its own narrative and defy singular definition. 

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  • Target Audience: All U of T students
  • Program Cycle: 2020-2021
  • Program Contact:
    • Zoe Dille

      Manager, Dialogue & Expression

      .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) 416-978-5362
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    • Marco Adamovic (On leave)

      Program Coordinator

      .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) 416-946-8391
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