• Hart House Committee Leaders: Election Results

    Congratulations and welcome to all our new Hart House Committee Leaders!


We are pleased to announce the results of our election and welcome our new Student Chairs and Co-Chairs for nine of the Hart House standing committees: Art, Debates & Dialogue, Farm, Finance, Literary and Library, Music, Recreational Athletics and Wellness, Social Justice, and Theatre.

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  • Program Cycle: 2023-2024

2023-2024 Student Chair & Co-Chair Winners

  • Art Committee: Victoria Lee
  • Debates & Dialogue Committee: Abdul Fatir Hameed & Khanak Gupta
  • Farm Committee: Xi "Joy" Wang & Ying Cong "Cathy" Zuo
  • Finance Committee:  Jiaqi Sun
  • Literary & Library Committee: Aayu Pandey & Helia Karami
  • Music Committee: Nicole Fung & Demi Pallas
  • Recreational Athletics & Wellness Committee: Kritika Sharma & Janine Go
  • Social Justice Committee: Advika Gudi & Anna Krukowski
  • Theatre Committee: Samara Tower


  • picture of Jiaqi Sun

    Jiaqi Sun

    Finance Committee

  • picture of Kritika Sharma

    Kritika Sharma

    Recreational Athletics & Wellness Committee (with Janine Go)

  • picture of Janine Go

    Janine Go

    Recreational Athletics & Wellness Committee (with Kritika Sharma)

  • picture of Victoria Lee

    Victoria Lee

    Art Committee Chair 2023-24

  • picture of Abdul Fatir Hameed

    Abdul Hameed

    Student Debates & Dialogue Committee (with Khanak Gupta)

  • picture of Khanak Gupta

    Khanak Gupta

    Student Debates and Dialogue Committee (with Abdul Fatir Hameed)

  • picture of Xi Wang

    Xi "Joy" Wang

    Student Farm Committee (with Yin Cong "Cathy" Zuo)

  • picture of Ying Cong Zuo

    Ying Cong "Cathy" Zuo

    Student Farm Committee (with Xi "Joy" Wang)

  • picture of Aayu Pandey

    Aayu Pandey

    Student Literary & Library Committee (with Helia Karami)

  • picture of Helia Karami

    Helia Karami

    Student Literary and Library Committee (with Aayu Pandey)

  • picture of Nicole Fung

    Nicole Fung

    Student Music Committee (with Demi Pallas)

  • picture of Demi Pallas

    Demi Pallas

    Student Music Committee (with Nicole Fung)

  • picture of Advika Gudi

    Advika Gudi

    Student Social Justice Committee (with Anna Krukowski)

  • picture of Anna Krukowski

    Anna Krukowski

    Student Social Justice Committee (with Advika Gudi)

  • picture of Samara Tower

    Samara Tower

    Student Theatre Committee

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Hart House is a place for all students to get involved, share their voice, and be a part of planning and programming.

If you’re interested in getting involved in planning and delivering fun and educational experiences outside of the classroom, you should join one of our committees. Running in tandem with the election is Committee Member Recruitment, where each committee engages students on all three campuses to fill voting and non-voting positions in their committees for the next academic year. Committees strive to recruit members from all different backgrounds and experiences to help with providing a wide array of arts, dialogue, or wellness programming throughout the year. 

Why not join the action?

All U of T students are welcome to join a committee at Hart House. Through your commitment and input, you will learn about the committee process, as well as program planning and management—your voice will be heard and your ideas can become a reality. 

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Eligibility Criteria:
U of T Student for the 2023–24 academic year. 
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