Bookplate Project

Students from St.Michael’s College have reflected on the significance of the books in the Hart House Library collection.


The Prayer of the Founders is that Hart House under the guidance of its Warden, may serve in the generations to come the highest interests of this University by drawing into a common fellowship the members of the several colleges and faculties, and by gathering into a true society the teacher and student, the graduate and the undergraduate; further, that the members of Hart House may discover within its walls the true education that is to be found in good fellowship, in friendly disputation and debate, in the conversation of wise and earnest men, in music, pictures and the play, in the casual book, sports and games and the mastery of the body.”

Whether it’s getting lost in a new favourite book in a quiet corner of the House, or chancing upon an old classic in the Hart House Library, Hart House has long been a place to discover new stories and great literature.

That tradition continues with “The Bookplate Project,” a collaboration between Hart House and students from St.Michael’s College. Students have reflected on the significance of the books in the Hart House Library Collection as representations – for good or for ill – of “Canadian” identity over the past century. With the help of special QR codes placed inside the books, readers can consider the students’ reflections and be inspired to formulate their own thoughts about the last 100 years of “Canadian” literature at Hart House.

May 2019–April 2020
Hart House Library


The views and opinions expressed in the bookplate are those of the student authors and do not necessarily reflect the (guidelines and policies) official policy or positions of Hart House at the University of Toronto.

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