Personal Training: Policies & Regulations

Policies & Regulations


  • A valid Hart House Fitness Centre Membership is required to access personal training services.
  • A valid personal training package is required to book personal training sessions with a trainer.
  • Personal training services can be purchased regardless of the answers provided by the client in the Health Screening procedure. The next steps are determined by the answers to the screening questions (see below). 

Health Screening 

  • If medical clearance is not deemed necessary (determined by answers provided by the client in the pre-screening procedure), a trainer is assigned to work with the client and training sessions are then scheduled between the trainer and the client. 
  • If medical clearance is deemed necessary (determined by answers provided by the client in the pre-screening procedure), the client must submit written permission from a physician that clears the client to exercise. Personal training sessions cannot be delivered before receiving the physician's note. If training has begun, the client and trainer must pause their sessions until the physician's note has been received.

Appointment Cancellation 

  • Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance to reschedule or receive a full refund. If the cancellation is less than 24 hours of the scheduled time the training session and the money are non-refundable. 
  • The trainer is required to wait 15 minutes for the client to show up for the scheduled appointment. If the client fails to show up for the scheduled appointment, the appointment and fee(s) will be forfeited. If the client is late for the appointment the trainer is not obligated to make up the missed time. For example, if the client is 15 minutes late and arrives for the appointment the session will only be 45 minutes.

No Show Clients 

  • Clients who do not cancel appointments within the designated time (i.e. 24 hours in advance) and do not show for the scheduled appointment will not be reimbursed for the missed session. 

Appointment Confirmation 

  • All personal training service-related appointments must be confirmed by the trainer and client no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. If the appointment is not confirmed or is not confirmed within this time frame, the trainer may not be available to meet for the appointment. It is the responsibility of the client and the trainer to communicate in an effective and timely manner in confirming appointments. 

Refund Policy 

  • Patrons requesting and obtaining a refund of any remaining session or sessions will be charged a $20 service fee. 
  • The service fee will be waived if the request for a refund is due to medical reasons and/or concerns.
  • Refund requests require a 48-hour written notice. 

Expiration Date Policy 

  • All sessions must be used in their entirety within six (6) months from the date of purchase. 
  • Any sessions remaining after the six (6) month period will be considered expired and non-refundable. 

Participant Attire 

  • Participants must wear clothing and shoes conducive to the exercise(s) being conducted. No boots, shoes with metal buckles, flip‐flops, etc. are permitted. 
  • Clothing with an offensive, derogatory or sexual nature is not permitted. 
  • Participants who are dressed inappropriately will be asked to adjust as needed or asked to leave the facility. 

Client-to-Trainer Ratio 

  • In order to provide safe, fun and an effective workout session for the participant, the training session will be limited to one client per trainer per session, or in a group of maximum three clients per trainer per session. 

Appointment & Payment Timeline 

  • All payments must be prepaid; services will not be rendered without prior payment. 
  • Clients must acknowledge and approve the delivery of their personal training sessions by scanning their TCard using the Multi Visit Pass Scanner. 

Disclosure Statement 

  • The Hart House Fitness Centre and its employees do not release, sell or distribute any personal information obtained during the assessment and/or training process to third parties. 
  • Participants may disclose personal and private information regarding their health and physical status. Trainers must maintain the confidentiality of these conversations with the participants at all times. 
  • Trainers must first ask and be granted the permission of the participant to disclose any of the information originally given to the trainer.