Join special guests as we combine education of social dance and movement fundamentals of social dance in this three part workshop series.


In the early days of Hip Hop, the ‘social’ aspect was at the centre of everything. Gathering as a community of like-minded people, as a neighbourhood or as early day innovators, gave birth to many dance styles that have developed and influenced today’s dance world.

These three workshops will combine two main aspects: education of social dance & movement fundamentals of social dance. Each workshop will feature a special guest instructor, fun warm up workouts, dance instruction and some Hip Hop knowledge! Styles include Old-school Hip Hop, Locking, Popping, Break-in, House, Krump as well as Voguing, Whacking, Litefeet, Chicago Footwork, and more!

Sign up for one workshop or all three! Join us to add some extra dance know-how to your repertoire or just enjoy a great work out set to an energizing playlist.


Hip Hop Dance Foundations: The Early Days

Exploring the cultural fundamentals of Hip Hop dance, Dr. Francesca D'Amico Cuthbert will open up the first of our three-part series by discussing the birth of social dance and the role of the social and party scene as key foundations to its creation. Dancer's will have an opportunity to learn how Hip-Hop dance was crafted into the myriad of different styles we know today.  

Participants will learn how to apply that history to the dance floor through a movement combo taught by Justine Coroza. This combo will include moves and styles from the early days such as the basics to locking and popping.  Get ready to sweat!

Special Guest

Dance Instructor

Breaking Barriers on the dance floor

Under the mentorship of JRebel and building from his experience and leadership as the founder of Concrete Warriors, participants will learn and participate in Breaking foundations of top rocks, power moves, and floor moves. As an introductory workshop, participants of all levels will learn authentic street style moves while engaging in a call and response experience between music and movement. The social aspects of Breaking and Hip Hop will be central to this high-octane dance session where an inclusive dance cypher is welcoming to all.

Special Guest

Warm Up Instructor

Runway/Vogue: Walk that Walk!

The Toronto Kiki Ballroom Alliance have been in the Ballroom Arts dance scene since 2010. This workshop will be a high energy, uplifting and fun-filled session for dancers of all backgrounds focusing on the dance style of voguing where participants will be encouraged to put their best foot forward and strut their stuff!

Special Guest

The Toronto Kiki Ballroom Alliance

Warm Up Instructor

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