A picture of an open mac laptop with headphones on top of it, a red interface to the left of it, a beat machine to the right of it, and a mini keyboard just below the laptop
A picture of an open mac laptop with headphones on top of it, a red interface to the left of it, a beat machine to the right of it, and a mini keyboard just below the laptop.

This summer Hart House welcomes students to a combined session of Producers Circle and Lyricists' Lounge.

The vibe

This creators circle for songwriters, producers, and makers, is not about expertise or competition, but about cultivating community and collaboration.

Over a period of 8 weeks, Hart House’s Hip Hop Education program will offer an inclusive and welcoming space for students and community members to build their knowledge and experience as artists. Each session will feature a combination of guest speakers and/or facilitators, knowledge exchanges, critical listening sessions, and output shares, where attendees will collaborate on various pieces that they are working on, detail the approaches they are taking in the creative process, and provide one another with feedback.

Whether you are an emcee, beatmaker, audio engineer, singer, songwriter, multidisciplinary creative, or a music lover, in this eight week process you will explore your creative ideas and build your knowledge base through information sessions and guided workshops. That said, you do not have to be a maker/creative to hang out. Listeners are more than welcome, too. No pressure 😊.

At the end of this eight-week journey, those who are attending and making will leave with a tangible product – whether it is a complete song, ideas for your next single/ project, or lasting music relationships.

All genres of music are welcome!


Wed, June 19, 2024

Week 1: The Song Creation Process

Time: 4–6 pm
Location: Map Room
Lead Facilitator: Naseha Chowdhury

Whether you are a seasoned musician or a budding songwriter, establishing a starting point and finding inspiration is an ongoing task. This session will include an engaging discussion and interactive workshop where participants provide personal insight and suggestions on how to turn an emotion, memory or concept into lyrics, melody and/or instrumentals as they shape the beginnings of a song and its structure. During this session we will also explore how to shape your artistic voice, your knowledge and your output by providing writing prompts and engaging in a guided freestyle session to build and circulate ideas and learning the basics of beat selection to compliment the song’s structure.

Wed, June 26, 2024

Week 2: Journey into Music Production and Beat-Making

Time: 4–6 pm
Location: Map Room
Lead Facilitator: Bill Xu

To bring creative ideas to life, it is essential to understand the various roles and responsibilities involved in the production process – this includes the roles played by the producer and engineer and the act of bringing together musicians and vocalists. Attendees will have the opportunity to pair up with each other and collaborate on ideas that they have already been working on from previous sessions. This workshop encourages experimentation and real-life understanding of music production by engendering the valuable experience of working in a creative community.

Wed, July 3, 2024

Week 3: Crafting Instrumentals and Collaborating on Outputs

Time: 4–6 pm
Location: Chapel
Lead Facilitator: Bill Xu

Crafting instrumentals involves having a thorough understanding of how one takes ideas and concepts and transforms them into sonic landscapes. This process is also a collaborative one where artists generate outputs while also building community. In this session, participants will have the space to experiment with different sounds, textures and rhythms, while also connecting with fellow beat-makers and lyricists to collaborate and exchange feedback on in-process outputs.

Wed, July 10, 2024

Week 4: Recording Techniques and the Recording Process

Time: 4–6 pm
Location: CIUT, 3rd Floor
Lead Facilitator: Dylan Konde Johnson

A significant amount of the shaping of your outputs happens with the help of those with the technical know-how in the arena of audio production. In this session, facilitators will be available to offer insight on necessary recording techniques when engaged in the recording process. Artists – regardless of whether or not they are recording their voice – are encouraged to attend this session in an effort to fully grasp the full song creation process and how to work collaboratively in a recording session.

Wed,July 17, 2024

Week 5: Mixing and Mastering Output

Time: 4–6 pm
Location: CIUT, 3rd Floor
Lead Facilitator: Dylan Konde Johnson

In this session – the last of our co-creating sessions – you will continue collaborating with our music community on the subjects of audio mixing, equalization, dynamic processing and critical listening analysis.

Wed, July 24, 2024

Week 6: Developing your Materials and Producing a Project

Time: 4–6 pm
Location: Zoom (synchronous meeting link will be provided to registrants)
Lead Facilitator: Naseha Chowdhury
Guest Speakers: Cam Litchmore, Sami Huda

Before diving headfirst into the world of lyrics, rhythms, and melodies we will begin by thinking through the initial steps of becoming a creative. In addition to framing yourself from a craft and genre perspective during these sessions, we will discuss how to best develop materials and strategies for publicity (such as your artist biography/statement for your artist package, scheduling, and radio/playlist promotion) and how to produce and/or executive produce a project (whether a single recording, an EP, or an LP).

Wed, July 31, 2024

Week 7: Applying for Grants

Time: 4–6 pm
Location: Chapel
Lead Facilitator: Naseha Chowdhury
Guest Speaker:  Kibra Tesfaye

In order to create a project, resources – particularly in the way of monetary – are necessary to bring a project from ideation to completion. In this session we will discuss how to identify grants for your craft and genre, what grant materials will need to be developed, and how to strategize as you move forward in the grant writing process.

Wed, August 7, 2024

Week 8: Artist Share

Time: 4–6 pm
Location: Chapel
Facilitators: Naseha Chowdhury, Dylan Konde Johnson

This session will entail an artist share and exchange of the materials that members have been working on during this summer session of Producers Circle + Lyricists’ Lounge. In addition to exchanging materials, creatives will engage in open dialogue about the inspirations behind their output, and the artistic processes they used to create their materials. Participants will also have a chance to win one of two Lynx sessions to continue your music learnings.


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