Are you into original Hip Hop, or do you only get excited when the latest song drops? Either way, we’ve got a conversation for you.


Traditionally, there’s been a huge divide between old school and new school hip hop artists. OG hip-hop artists are often critical of newer artists even when they haven’t heard or listened to their voices and opinions; at the same time, new school Hip Hop could learn a lot from the roots and craft of the OG’s. Ultimately, both can learn so much from each other.

During this installment of the Hip Hop Café, we’ll explore and discuss this divide. What can old and new school learn from each other? What advice and key teachings can be offered to upcoming artists? We’ll take an insider’s look into the development and growth of Hip Hop, and in particular, the Canadian scene. Join us as we welcome guests representing both the old and new schools within the Hip Hop community.

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  • Date: Thu, Oct 28, 2021
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