In an age where appropriation has become a talking point for cultural awareness building and education, Hart House Hip Hop Cafe wants to explore the critical question Is Hip Hop Still A Black Art Form?


Hip Hop has become so normalized and embraced by a global audience that it’s easy to forget the origin story of Hip Hop. We intend to discuss the ways Hip Hop has evolved into outlets for artists of different backgrounds and musical genres to perform or experiment with. Considering the roots of Hip Hop originate from specific Black culture narratives, we hope to engage Black, Indigenous, and Asian lived-experience and explore how each of these perspectives intersect and engage with Hip Hop Culture. We hope that this conversation will create a space where Hip Hop can be seen as a vehicle of solidarity in order to mobilize movements toward collective social action. 

Some of the questions this event will unpack include looking at the entry point, for each artist to Hip Hop, how did each of them first become introduced to Hip Hop and what made it resonate so deeply with them? We also seek to understand more fully our main question by probing into “what makes art a Black expression?” and “What are the intersections of Black, Indigenous, and Asian experiences within Hip Hop?”   

We hope that this conversation can add insight into Hip Hop's influence while building an appreciation of its roots.


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  • Date: Wed, Mar 16, 2022
  • Time & Duration: 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm (EST) (1h 30m)
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