Expand your knowledge and learn about hip hop’s rich history and global cultural currency with these informal talks with food and friends.


Welcome to  the Hart House Hip Hop 101 Café. Whether you’re a sneakerhead or a novice, an emerging fan or an old school expert, we’ve got a hip hop  conversation for you!

Hip Hop 101 Café is a space created for students to come together  and explore  how  hip hop infuses  all parts of our  everyday culture. Peer- and community-led conversations in this space will leave you with a deeper appreciation of  a shared community and  a greater understanding  of how  hip hop  culture continues to influence our world.

Everyone is welcome. Bring a friend and drop-by the Hart House Hip Hop 101 Café in the Map Room. Refreshments will be served.

Topics we will explore through the Hip Hop 101 Café series:

  • The Evolution of Hip Hop: Then, Now, Next
  • Hip Hop through an Indigenous Lens
  • Hip Hop, Women and Gender Dynamics
  • Hip Hop and Criminal Justice
  • The Economics of Hip Hop
  • Hip Hop, Faith and Spirituality

Socialize, get down, and let your soul lead the way.

Afrika Bambaataa

For this session:

It’s still wild to imagine that this now worldwide, multi-artistic, billion-dollar, cultural behemoth that we call hip hop all started on August 11, 1973, at 18-year-old Clive Campbell’s back-to-school jam. It was a small party in a humble apartment building rec room located in the Bronx, NY.

On that faithful day, everything from music, art, dance, culture, fashion, knowledge and more changed forever. It was the start of a revolution based in the founding principles of peace, love, unity and having fun. Fast forward to 2019, and we can now see hip hop affecting every corner and facet of contemporary life. Rap artists are cultural titans, hip hop record producers are multi-millionaires, breakdancingis taught in studios across the globe, and graffiti art has become a treasured asset on countless urban buildings.

That must have been quite the party, Clive.

But how did it all start? Who were the people that built and sustained this movement? How did it change, not just art, but politics, culture and society? And where does it potentially keep going?

Join us as we discuss the history and evolution of hip hop, as told by the knowledge keepers that celebrate and preserve its rich history.

Special Guest Facilitator

More about Hip Hop Education Program at Hart House

Hip Hop Education at Hart House supports our values of representation, collaboration and social justice to explore and provide platforms for key principles of hip hop and its importance in our everyday culture on all three campuses.  Recognizing  hip hop  as a powerful global influencer, Hart House seeks to create unique opportunities for students and community to engage hip hop education and artistic expression.

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  • Date: Thu, Sep 26, 2019
  • Time & Duration: 12:15 pm – 1:15 pm (EST) (1h)
  • Cost:
    • U of T students and their families


  • Venue:
    Hart House
    7 Hart House Cir,
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  • Room: Map Room (1039)
  • Note: Topics and guests are subject to change.