A free virtual space that’s all about making stuff, trying new things, and getting creative with the things you have on hand at home. We’ll lead you through hands-on activities in a fun and friendly atmosphere so that you’ll be making crafts in no time, no matter what your skill level or experience. Take a break, make yourself a cup of tea, grab a pen and let’s get to playing, making, and being creative together.

No special tools or techniques required, just a bit of curiosity, creativity and your presence. All welcome!

All sessions will be held on Instagram Live, and available forever on our IGTV channel @harthousegetcrafty

Please see below for schedule and materials you will need for each craft workshop.


Jan 14

Visioning your New Year

Yes! It's a whole new year! As we enter a new cycle, let’s take some time together to vision what we want for ourselves in this new phase. Maybe you’ve already created a list of goals for yourself, or perhaps you’re just getting started and need some inspiration to vision a new year in a strange new reality. Wherever you are, creating a vision board will help remind you of the things you want to do and be as you move forward into 2021. Using simple materials from your recycling bin and collage techniques, we’ll guide you through the process of creating a vision board that will keep you aspirations front and centre, and keep you inspired months down the road. 

Materials: Old magazines or books with lots of pictures, Coloured pens or pencils, Scissors, Glue, Cardboard or cardstock to act as the base. 

Jan 21

Habit Tracker and Accountability Pages (Bullet Journalling Techniques)

The new year is a great time to make a fresh start and create new practices. Whether it’s getting more exercise or spending more time with friends or learning to cook, success in creating a new habit or practice requires support, and in this workshop, we’ll show you a few creative techniques to help you track your progress and inspire you to follow through. Popular amongst bullet journalers, we’ll show you a couple of fun “trackers” that will help you along the way to achieving your goals.

Materials: Paper (this can be in your journal if you have one), Pencil and coloured pencils, or markers.

Jan 28

Watercolour Project Workshop: Stitched Geometric Cards

Once a month this semester, Get Crafty will present a new watercolour project. This month, we’ll use our watercolours, and stitching techniques to create a unique artwork that can be shared as a card or hung on the wall. These are so nice, you’ll want to make multiples to give and to keep. 

Materials: Watercolour paints, Watercolor paper, Paintbrushes, Water containers (2), Paper towel or kleenex, Embroidery floss, Embroidery needle, Scissors, Masking tape, Cardboard (for pinning into) 

Feb 4

Faux Calligraphy Basics

Want to learn the easiest way to make cute calligraphy? Faux calligraphy is your gateway into learning the basic steps for creating fancy script lettering without the need for fancy pens or tools. In this workshop, we’ll walk you through the simple techniques to create your own impressive lettering for cards, letters, posters, or just for fun.

Materials: Pens or pencils, can be felt tip, rollerball, or ballpoint... anything will do, Paper, Ruler, Practice sheets and exemplars available

Feb 11

Valentine’s Day Mini Surprise Cards

Time to celebrate the people you love with a fun surprise card, and it’s mini which just amps up the cute factor! Join us for this fun and easy workshop and learn to make your very own original, super-sweet  cards with customized messages for anyone you want to share the love. 

Materials: Coloured paper (this can be scraps of wrapping paper, magazine pages, or origami paper, String, thread or embroidery floss, Glue or tape, Scissors, Pens  

Feb 18

Letter Writing Workshop

Letter writing is slow communication. Expression that is reflective and can be savoured over and over again by the recipient. It’s not a slap dash response, or a one liner delivered instantaneously over digital networks. A letter is a space to be expressive and reflective, it’s a space that takes some time, both to create, and to read, and most of us are not used to communicating like this! But, Get Crafty is here to get you started with some tips and creative ideas make your letters look great.

Materials: Pen, Paper, Glue, Scissors

Feb 25

Watercolour Project Workshop

For this month’s watercolour workshop, we’ll look to the skies for inspiration! We’ll teach you how to capture the moon and the stars and all that’s beyond with simple night sky watercolour techniques.

Materials: Watercolour paints, Watercolor paper, Paintbrushes, Water containers (2), Paper towel or kleenex, White gouache paint, Masking tape (optional), Frisket or masking fluid (optional)

Mar 11


Join us this Thursday for another wellness-focused workshop, but this time, we're making Zines! All you need for this workshop is paper, scissors, a writing utensil, and an hour to focus on your wellbeing and do some reflection. Check out the second slide for some zine examples from one of our favourite artists @sheriroloff!

Mar 18

Grow Your Own Chia Babies

Follow along for easy instructions on how to grow your own version of a chia pet! We'll use materials gathered from the recycling bin, and your breakfast to make these cuties. 

Mar 25

Watercolour Workshop-Flowers

Let's welcome spring together with this month's watercolour tutorial focusing on spring's most cherished arrivals: flowers! Pretty, quick, and easy, you'll be creating watercolour florals in no time.

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