“Information poverty” is not a widely understood concept – except by those who experience it - and often it is not included on the agendas of governments or global development conferences.

About Changemakers

Most of us wish we lived in a more just and equitable world, and many have given careful thought to what constructive change might look like. But those who both think about and then actively devote their lives to effecting meaningful and sustainable change in the interests of justice and equity are sadly few and far between.

Join Hart House Conversations for a series of fireside-style chats between Hart House Warden John Monahan and inspiring folks whose discontent with the status quo propels them to be the change they want to see in the world.  The series is named after them: we call it “Changemakers.”

About the Event

According to Lorenzo Vargas, democratizing access to media resources and other sources of information is fundamental to creating societies where citizen engagement, economic prosperity, and systems of justice can thrive simultaneously, particularly in the Global South. “Freedom of expression” is an empty promise unless people have access to the means of gathering and disseminating information for themselves.

On November 24th, hear Lorenzo Vargas talk about his work to ensure that those from marginalized, poor and excluded communities around the world have access to the technologies and the means to make informed decisions about their own lives and communities. Learn how the global media landscape can either support or hinder the attainment of the United Nations’ most fundamental Sustainable Development Goals.  And then consider ways that you can help to support real, lasting change.

All “Changemakers” conversations will be recorded and later shared as Hart House Podcasts. See the podcast from this event linked below.

  • PODCAST - Hart House Changemakers: Confronting Information Poverty with Lorenzo Vargas. This conversation was recorded live on November 24, 2021. Listen here.


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