Wedding photo request


The Hart House Meeting and Events Office issues photography permits for select spaces within Hart House for small, personal photoshoots (weddings, engagements, etc.)

For any commercial shoots or filming, such as fashion or wedding editorial, film, or television, permission must first be provided by the office of Campus Events. Please contact the Hart House Events team to begin the inquiry process for these types of requests.

Policies & Procedures for Personal Photography

Due to the number of events taking place at Hart House, availability for personal photoshoots can only be confirmed 30 days prior to the desired permit date. No photo permits will be issued during times when a wedding has been booked on site, or during the same time as other photoshoots, or on dates that are very event heavy.  

Requests will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis within 21-30 days before the desired photography date.  

Permits are issued for a 1-2 hour period and available photo locations will be confirmed at the time the request is received. Due to event bookings, we cannot guarantee that any specific space will be available for use for your photoshoot until the booking is confirmed.  

Please note that photography is not permitted in front of the war memorial, located on the underside of Soldiers’ Tower and just south of the tower, out of respect for the sensitive nature of the memorial. For more information on this important monument on U of T campus, please see the Soldiers’ Tower website.  


A location fee will be assessed at the time of your request. This fee includes the cost for your Hart House photo shoot attendant who will help provide access to reserved spaces. 

University staff, students and alumni are eligible for a 50% discount on the location fee. For personal shoots such as engagement and wedding shoots, this discount is offered if one member of the couple is an alumni. 

Proof of Permission (Confirmation Document)

To request a personal photoshoot permit, please contact the Meeting and Events Team. 

If space is available, a contract will be issued and must be returned signed with fee payment to the Events office in advance of the shoot date to move forward with the permit. The client should bring a copy of the contract on the day of the photo shoot as confirmation of permission. Hart House Staff may request proof of permission from photographers or the client, as appropriate and use of space will be denied if proof of permit cannot be produced.