Discuss why gender equality matters, interact in real time with students from abroad, and receive co-curricular credit.*

This academic year’s Hart House Global Commons is bigger and better than ever before. For the first time, it includes online sessions, making it easy for busy students to participate. And for those who want to make time to attend a session at Hart House, don’t worry—we have one additional conference per term, for a total of six Global Commons sessions during the academic year (three per term).

What is the Hart House Global Commons?

Launched in 2017/18, the Hart House Global Commons is your chance to connect and explore issues that impact us all. Students from different backgrounds, disciplines, and perspectives get a rare chance to engage in a truly global dialogue that will enable them to learn from each other, expand their understanding of the world, and identify opportunities to effect meaningful change.

Don’t take our word for it — here’s what two of last year’s participants had to say:

Plus, here’s what previous participants said:

I am participating in Global Commons in order to engage in a conversation with peers I normally don’t have the opportunity to talk with on a regular basis. As so many of our current issues are global in scope, it is critical that we have these important discussions across national borders in order to learn from each other and collaboratively work towards a better world.

Dana Vanderburgh, Indiana University Bloomington student.

This conversation is a unique opportunity to exchange views between students from multiple universities and develop these views, and should therefore definitely not be missed.

Katharina (last name withheld), Sciences Po student.

So, if you’re interested in the topic of gender equality, or would like to exchange ideas with students from other U of T campuses, and from countries around the world such as South Africa, Colombia, the U.S.A., and France, be sure to sign up for the 2018/19 Hart House Global Commons.

How is the 2018/19 Hart House Global Commons different?

For starters, we now have a total of six sessions. Two of them will take place at Hart House, with the first one inclduding opening remarks by Jennifer Hollett and being moderated by Garvia Bailey. The remaining four sessions will be held online so you can attend from the privacy and convenience of your dorm or home, whether you’re using a computer or a smartphone.

During the first term, we’ll focus on the local, beginning with women’s political and socioeconomic participation in society. We will be inquiring into the barriers and challenges barring women from greater involvement as well as seeking opportunities for change.

During the second term, the Hart House Global Commons takes the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5 as its starting point, focusing on gender equality with a global lens. Sessions will discuss how change is being carried out around the world, in terms of “achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls” and will inquire into the relevance, meaning, and application of the SDG from the various positionalities, perspectives, and experiences in participating locations.

Lastly, as we said before, U of T students who participate in four of six sessions will receive credit on the Co-Curricular Record.