At Hart House, we’re proud to offer a wide range of creative classes. Taught by professionals with real-world experience, they are open to everyone from students to faculty, staff and the community at large. 

To give you an inside view of what one of these classes has to offer, we spoke to student Michael Smith, a member of our Promo Team. Here’s what Michael had to say about the Improv: Introduction class, taught by Julian Frid:

  • I found that many aspects of improv could be applied to daily life.
  • In one class, we learned about projecting status: the way you present yourself. High status can be dominating, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s about standing tall, upright, with good posture. This would come in handy when going to a job interview.
  • The class made me a better listener. We learned to “listen” not just with our ears, but also with our eyes.
  • It was relaxing and fun. The class forced us to be present in the moment, so you have to forget about exams or problems. If you’re overstressed, this is the perfect time to just let go. 
  • Julian Frid, the instructor, is very talented. He likes to say improv is for everyone, and anyone who succeeds at life will be good at improv.
  • The class is great for beginners. We learned from each other and I thought the environment was very welcoming and supportive. A typical class is very casual, yet also structured. You review last week’s material and play a game for skill development. One such game is emotional mirroring, where you create a scene and you have to mirror your partner’s emotions.
  • I liked being put in a position to create, whether that was different characters or emotions or statuses. 

Curious about improv or any other Creative Class at Hart House? Registration is open—visit our website for more information or download the Hart House Classes and Workshops guide and schedule (PDF). 

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