In the digital age, there is no shortage of wedding inspiration, making it simple for modern-day couples to express themselves and their style through their nuptials. But, with an unlimited supply of search results, how do you determine what trends to make your own, and what will look dated and out-of-style in a few months or years?

Colour Schemes

Whether you prefer a timeless approach or a trendy one, it’s important to choose colours that you love. With that being said, if you are into a particular shade that happens to be “having a moment”, it’s probably a good idea to integrate it into smaller details: ribbons on your flowers, bowties, shoes, etc. Doing so will soften its trendiness, especially if you mix it with similar shades. For example, blending pale blue with shades of lavender and navy will make it far more diverse than keeping everything one colour. If you’re going with bold and bright, it’s also far easier to make it classic in small doses or with one big accent piece like your cake or your bridesmaids’ dresses.

Bonus tip: Did you know that Pantone releases an annual colour of the year? Integrating these tones in a subtle way will make your décor oh-so current. Gold and silver exchange places as the most popular metallic—sometimes dethroned by copper or rose gold for a brief reign so it’s worth being mindful of your metals also.


Some brides like a tight, perfect bunch of blooms. Others prefer things a little more wild and free—and both have their seasons in the sun. So how do you choose?

In my opinion, each style has its place. Making sure it fits the overall look of your wedding is the biggest factor. When in doubt, consider the style that looks more natural—flowers that are too perfect lack that essential touch, while those that spill over excessively can be too over-the-top if you are trying to keep things classic. A mix of blooms with a little movement and dimension usually translates into something more timeless.


Maybe you’re into the Italian Renaissance, or camping, or Lord of the Rings—while there are lots of ways to make your wedding reflect a given theme, you do run a greater risk of it looking dated and/or aging poorly.

Think concept, not literal interpretation. Choose elements of the theme that can be made upscale and elegant. Whether you’re hinting at a theme with certain textiles (rich velvet elements for Renaissance), colours (browns and rustic tones for camping), or refining the theme to a specific part (an enchanted forest for the LOTR fans), your wedding can stand the test of time while still reflecting your fandom. And, if all else fails, save the theme for the shower or bachelor party!


This is probably the thing we notice most when we look back at old wedding photos. Fashion so frequently reflects the era that it’s possible to see the best and the worst of a decade reflected in what people wore to their weddings (or made their bridesmaids wear). 

Hemlines migrate and dress jackets boast less or more buttons, but the most telling sign of a dated outfit is a lack of symmetry. One shoulder dresses, high-low hemlines and skirts that have a bow on one hip or an excess of ruffles in one area give away the era of the wedding without even asking. Shape is also a big factor— this includes over the top shoulders, wide pants and wide ties. If you want to keep everything timeless, stick with a classic fitted silhouette for the gents and the ladies. Even if your wedding party’s outfits or shoes don’t match, the overall effect remains classic and stylish. This applies to the bride and groom too!

The era of personalized weddings is here and, now more than ever before, you can bring your own sense of style and individuality to one of your most memorable milestones. As with anything else, keep sight of who you are and what you love—ditch the rest of the clutter.

Photos courtesy of Manuela Stefan Photography, Phillipa C. Photography, and Ribbons &Twine Photography.