Hart House mourns the passing of Sandy Henderson, who died on September 14, 2022. Sandy was an influential figure in the long history of the Hart House Fitness Centre. He was the Director of the Hart House Fitness Centre for over 30 years, from 1979 through to 2010.

During a period of great change within athletics at U of T, Sandy was hired to forge a new identity for Hart House fitness and athletics, one focused on non-competitive activities. Over his many years, he would become synonymous with the idea that the Hart House Fitness Centre was a warm and welcoming place for all U of T students, alumni and community members. In addition to leading this programmatic revitalization, Sandy supported the creation of greatly expanded change facilities for women.

Sandy was also a huge supporter and friend of Hart House Farm. Every fall, you would see him among the group at the Farm chopping wood for Hart House fireplaces that coming winter. Sandy will be dearly missed by the entire Hart House community.

Obituary for W.A.M. "Sandy" Henderson.

Donations can be made in his Sandy's memory in support of the Hart House Farm.


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