Track & field star Alicia Brown tests the Woodway Curve, a self-powered treadmill recently installed in the Hart House Fitness Centre.

You wouldn’t notice it, but our old treadmills have exceeded 80,000 miles each.

That’s why we set about finding new units — ones that would not only save energy and require less maintenance, but also make you feel like you’re running on a real track.

Woodway’s Forefront and Curve models are perfect for the Hart House Fitness Centre and our members. The Curve is a self-propelled treadmill, so it uses zero electricity. It’s also much quieter, which makes for an enjoyable setting in the Fitness Centre.

What’s more, the Curve mimics running on a track, meaning your workout will be more demanding and feel more natural. (The Forefront model, though mechanized, also offers this option, thanks to a dynamic mode which turns the motors off so that you have to propel the machine. As always, our staff will be happy to offer instructions.)

The new treadmills are expected to be maintenance free for 150,000 miles. And although they simulate running on a track, the softer surface also makes it a safer workout, according to Tom Moss, Manager, Recreation and Wellness.

To see the Curve model in action and get track & field star Alicia Brown’s take on it, watch the video below:

Of course, nothing beats an in-person trial: drop by the cardio room or the third-floor upper gym to try out these new units.

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