Visitor Information

Last Updated: January 10, 2023

Smoke-free Campus

Smoking has not been permitted on University premises since January 2019. All U of T community members who wish to smoke must do so on city property (e.g., St. George Street, Queen’s Park Crescent.). For more information, read the Smoke-Free Policy.

How to Get to Hart House

Directions to Hart House:

Hart House is located south of Hoskin Avenue, between Queen’s Park Crescent and Tower Road.

There will be no access to parking on Tower Road or Hart House Circle. For more information about parking on U of T campus, please visit the Parking Services website

There are two accessible entrances and exits at Hart House, one located at Tower Road and one on Hart House Circle, the southeast double doors at the Founder's Prayer. In addition to the two accessible entrances/exits, the south doors east of the Arbor Room entrance on Hart House Circle are also available for use. 

There is also an exit at North Lane, most convenient for the use of visitors to Hart House Fitness Centre or The Hair Place. 

Please see map below.

Getting Here-by TTC

By Subway:

Elevators are available at the St. George subway station but not at Museum station. The St. George Elevator Service Status Line is 416 539-5438. Press 7 for multilingual services.

From Museum station, take the University Avenue West Exit:

  • Head south on University Avenue toward Hoskin Avenue. 150 metres

  • Turn right on Hoskin Avenue. 150 metres

  • Turn left on Tower Road. Follow the ramp entrance into Hart House on the west side of the building. 73 metres

From St. George subway station, take the Bedford Exit:

  • Head south on Bedford Road toward Bloor Street West. 78 metres

  • Turn right at Bloor Street West. 77 metres

  • Turn left at Devonshire Place. 400 metres

  • Turn left at Hoskin Avenue. 100 metres

  • Turn right on Tower Road. Follow the ramp entrance into Hart House on the west side of the building.

Subway Stations and Accessibility

Before you begin your subway trip, call the TTC 24-hour Information Line at (416) 393-4636 and press 5 to confirm whether or not the elevators or escalators you plan to use on your trip are operating or scheduled for maintenance.

By Bus:

The #13 Avenue Road bus stops directly at Hart House at the pathway on Queen’s Park Crescent West and runs from Queen’s Park to Eglinton subway station daily. Bus schedules can be found on the TTC’s website.

The #94A bus from Castle Frank station stops at Tower Road and Hoskin Avenue. The #94 from Wellesley station and Ossington station also stop at Tower Road and Hoskin Avenue. 

Getting Here-by Wheeltrans

A drop-off pad is located at 18 Queen’s Park Crescent West near the building loading area. Please note the drop pad is dedicated to drop off and pick up only and cannot be used as a parking spot. For access into the building via the Founders' door, please contact the Information Hub at (416) 978-2452.

Getting Here-by Car

There will be no access to parking on Tower Road or Hart House Circle. For more information about parking on U of T campus, please visit the Parking Services website

There are many public parking lots in the area surrounding Hart House. As they are public lots, parking availability is not guaranteed. For maps and information about parking locations and disruptions, please use the links below:

Shipping and Receiving Loading Dock

Shipping and Receiving Address:

18 Queen’s Park Crescent West
Toronto, ON, M5S 2W2

East side of Hart House via Queen’s Park Crescent West as you travel south from Hoskin Avenue. Take the second driveway on the right.


8 am to 5 pm
(Expanded hours available upon request)


Hart House is proud of our continued effort to facilitate the inclusion of campus and community members of all abilities into our facilities and services.

Current Accommodations

We continue to work on improvements to our accessibility services. At this time, the following services are available:

  • Elevator access to all floors of our building
  • Accessible washrooms on the main floor outside of the Great Hall and in the Hart House Theatre lobby, as well as a Universal Washroom on the basement level outside the Arbor Room
  • Lower height counters and accessible doorways at the Information HUB and Hart House Theatre lobby
  • Three barrier-free entrances to the building (Tower Road on the west side, Founders' Patio on the southeast side, and a barrier-free entrance into the Arbor Room at Hart House Circle
  • Drop-off pad for vehicles transporting guests with reduced mobility located at the east side of the building at 18 Queen’s Park Crescent West, adjacent to the Founders' Patio entrance.

Learn about Accessibility at the University of Toronto.

Accessible Events

Hart House is committed to providing accommodations for all events hosted within our spaces. With the exception of the Gallery Grill dining room*, all of our event spaces are accessible for visitors who use mobility devices, and we are happy to provide services and recommendations for additional tools for hosting accessible events, such as:

  • Ramps with railings for mobility device access to stages and presentation areas
  • Adjustable height podiums
  • Custom floor plans for each event including seating plans, table and service styles, and any other requests for guest comfort 
  • Assisted listening devices, captioning, and interpretation services
  • Customized menus to suit dietary restrictions
  • Advice on other best practices for making your event more accessible and inclusive from planning through event-day execution. 

*Gallery Grill dining room can be made accessible with a portable ramp that will have an impact on room capacities. Please speak to the Hospitality team about updated capacities or alternative spaces.

Email our events team for more information.

Accessibility at Hart House Farm

Here are our accommodations at Ignatieff Home, Hart House Farm guest house:

  • Barrier-free entry into Ignatieff Home on the east side (two powered doors along with a 17:1 sloped ramp)
  • Universal washroom on main floor
  • Accessible furniture.

Email our events team for more information.