U of T Festival of Dance 2017

Festival of DanceU of T Festival of Dance

Canada’s Largest University Dance Festival

March 31 & April 1, 2017

7:30 curtain

Hart House Theatre proudly hosts Canada’s largest university dance festival – the U of T Festival of Dance (FoD). Created 22 years ago as an avenue to provide dance groups on campus the opportunity to perform on stage for an audience, the Festival of Dance has now grown into a celebration of the diversity and prosperity of the U of T dance community. Past events have included over 60 different dance pieces, well over 200 performers and an impressive variety of dance forms including jazz, ballet, ballroom, modern, contact improv, hip-hop, musical theatre, Irish, Latin, and Egyptian belly dancing, just to name a few. With such an abundance of dance groups associated with U of T, participation in the festival is a great opportunity for dance groups to interact, collaborate and promote their own work and ventures.



VIDEO teaser – created by Duygu Basmaci



These are the groups performing on each evening, listed alphabetically :

Friday, March 31, 2017

  • AKA Dance
  • Arabesque Folklore Troupe
  • Awesome Threesomes
  • Butler Fearon O’Connor School of Irish Dance
  • Dance Teq Centre Young Dancer Program
  • Dragonfly Dance Company
  • Estampa Peruana – Inspiracion Latina Dance Company
  • Gilchrist-Canavan School of Irish Dance
  • Greenfire Academy of Irish Dance
  • Hart House Classes
  • IndependentAbigail
  • Independent – Amelia Chang, Evelyn Liu, Helen Su, Jennifer Wang, Mary Wei
  • Independent – Duygu Basmaci
  • Independent Kiyo Asaoka
  • Independent – Duygu Basmaci
  • IndependentKylie Clark
  • Independent – Pierina Camarena, Claudio Gy
  • Independent – Sonya Tors
  • Junoon – Indian Students Society Dance Team
  • Only Human Dance Collective
  • Rhythm Performing Arts
  • Urban Dance Revolution
  • UTM Dance Club

 Saturday, April 1, 2017

  • Arabesque Earthshakers
  • Ballet Espressivo
  • Chinese Collective Arts Association
  • Dragonfly Student Troupe
  • Greenfire Academy of Irish Dance
  • Independent – Amelia Nyla Jakasa
  • Independent – Claudia Chelsea, Jonathan Gardon, Katherine Jaramillo, Steven Cheng
  • Independent – Drew Berry, Sarah Koekkoek
  • Independent – Fernanda Gianone
  • Independent – Jake Ramos
  • Independent – Maria Aquino, Vicky Diab, Dionne Francis, Bing Han, Erica Larry, Christine Lee, Louise Moher, Lavana Pauk, Dustin Pym, Viktoria Shen
  • Independent – Riviera
  • Jowanda and Co.
  • Only Human Dance Collective
  • Raqs Macabre
  • Rhythm Performing Arts
  • Russian Student Association Dance Group
  • Tango Soul
  • UTM Dance Club
  • V Squared
  • Vaed School of Dance





Festival Artistic Director: Duygu Basmaci
Duygu has been in the world of dance for over two decades. As a performer and choreographer her repertoire, in addition to her first love, ballet, includes contemporary, modern, jazz, pantomime and folkloric dances from South America, China and Turkey. An Information Systems’ Engineer by education, she wants to be an Artistic Director when she grows up! Go figure.

Executive Director: Nancy Hu
Nancy can’t do it for the Vine anymore, and she’s really not sure what this means for the future.

Event Coordinator: Alice Wang
Alice is a classically trained ballet dancer. She has been involved in the Festival of Dance as both a dancer and an audience member and she is very excited to be part of the team this year!

Technical Coordinator: Andrew Xia
Andrew is a third year computer science student back for a third year with Festival of Dance. He’s looking forward to presenting another round of fantastic performances working with another bunch of fantastic people.

Lighting Designer: Stephen Dodge
Stephen is a 4th year Strategic Management student at Rotman Commerce.  Passionate about the arts, Stephen has been designing theatrical lighting for seven years and currently serves as a board member for the Queen West Art Crawl, an annual outdoor arts festival in Toronto’s west end.

Stage Manager: Alyssa Obrigewitsch
This has been a busy year at Hart House Theatre for Alyssa, and she is thrilled to be wrapping up the season with the Festival of Dance. It’s her first time working with the Festival and she is looking forward to learning from all the wonderful coordinators and dancers who participate.

Marketing and Outreach Manager: Zoe Reynolds
Zoe is a U of T alum who’s been a performer and choreographer in Festival of Dance in years past. This year she’s hoping to get a glimpse at the show from behind the scenes!

Social Media Coordinator: Fernanda Gianone
Fernanda is an alumna of the Rotman Commerce program at U of T. She’s been involved in the U of T dance community since her first year, including as a dancer at FoD! This is her first year on the team and she can’t wait to see what the choreographers and dancers have in store this year!