U of T Drama Festival 2016

A Weekend of Competitive Theatre
Student written, directed, produced & performed

2016 Drama FestivalFeb. 10-13, 2016

7:30 Curtain

Adjudicated by Maev Beaty

Every February, a plethora of original one act plays compete for five coveted awards over the three nights of this annual adjudicated festival. The University of Toronto Drama Festival has spawned numerous performers who have gone on to become stars of stage and screen: Ted Follows, David Gardner, Don Harron, Arthur Hiller, William Hutt and Donald Sutherland – to name a few. 80 years since its inception in 1936, and now in its 24th year since Trevor Rines resurrected it in 1993, the U of T Drama Festival continues to provide a high profile showcase for up-and-coming theatrical talent as well as an accessible avenue for U of T students to perform and direct on the historic Hart House Theatre stage. This year also marks the 14th Drama Festival of only accepting original student written plays, serving as a much needed showcase for talented U of T playwrights.

About the Adjudicator, Maev Beaty

Maev BeatyMeav Beaty is an alumna of the University of Toronto and the U of T Drama Festival. She is a theatre-maker, actor, writer, voice artist and mother. In her 17-year-long professional career she has gathered over 40 stage credits from across the country, and these have ranged from new play development (Maev has been in 22 Canadian Premieres, such as Palace of the End, Proud,Terminus, Passion Play, Montparnasse and Goblin Market) to the classics (Maev has played Goneril, Helena, Viola, Titania, Rosaline, Hamlet and Portia, among others). This summer she will return to for her third season at the Stratford Festival starring in the Canadian Premiere of Bunny by Hannah Moscovitch. Maev is a multi-Dora Award winner and nine-time nominee in both performance and writing. She’s been a member of huge theatre ensemble endeavours such as Theatrefront’s The Mill series, Volcano Theatre’s Another Africa (LuminaTO/Canadian Stage) and Nightwood’s The Penelopiad. She has played men, old women, twins, poor, rich, animals, trees, fictional and biographical, and can’t wait to see what’s next.

Per evening – General Admission
Adults $12
Students & Seniors $10
No latecomers

Box Office:
www.uofttix.ca or 416.978.8849





Wednesday, February 10

  • The Map / Trinity College Drama Society
  • In Memorial / St. Michael’s College – Troubadours


Thursday, February 11

  • Our Cake To Eat / Woodsworth • Innis • New • Drama Society
  • Saltwater Forests / UC Follies
  • What She Said / UC Follies & Twenty-Two Troubles Theatre


Friday, February 12

  • Useless Superhero Support Group / Victoria College Drama Society
  • Eternal Return / St. Michael’s College – Troubadours
  • Letting Go / UTM Drama Club


Saturday, February 13

  • Transitions / Woodsworth • Innis • New • Drama Society
  • Pan’s Theatre / Woodsworth • Innis • New • Drama Society






The Map Archie Lewis accompanies his older sister, Jemma, on a particularly strange quest. Having left London in a small motor boat, they find themselves in dark, calm, and foggy waters. Jemma insists they follow the rhyming directions spoken aloud by a magical map. Archie cannot hear this voice, but he agrees to tag along. He hopes to talk to Jemma about the future of their family bookshop, which he believes has fallen into financial trouble since the death of their mother. Jemma would rather focus on the map; she hopes it will lead her to something she feels is missing. When their journey takes them to the north of Scotland, they meet Bernard: a Hebridean sea shepherd who agrees to help them with their search. Through patience, honesty, and with the help of a little magic, Jemma and Archie must come to terms with loss and find strength in the love they have for each other.

In Memorial is a memory play about love, loss, death and forgiveness. It depicts an encounter between RJ and Katharine, sharing their stories about Jake the night before his funeral. The play takes place in the fictional town of Memorial, Newfoundland.

Our Cake To Eat This play examines gender and power dynamics as the great Kingdom of Mukhasa seeks to expand, coming at a great cost to the smaller kingdom of Wangapi.

Saltwater Forests Coming Soon

What She Said Coming Soon

Useless Superhero Support Group is a play about a group of people with a medium amount of power receiving a small amount of responsibility. Our six heroes meet in the basement of a community centre for weekly support meetings where they can share the burden of being addicted to their, well, boring superpowers. But one day, the meeting turns ugly as difficult personalities get the best of each other and deep-seated insecurities push these recovering addicts to the limits of their willpower. Will Gillon, their group leader with a shady past, be able to keep them under control or will body-swappers and super-hearers gone rogue once again moderately frustrate the world?

Eternal Return The ghosts of old ideas and identities hang in the air at the university. As Sidney, Fred, Simon, JP, and others move through their seemingly mundane lives, they begin to feel that something is not quite right, as if the paths they are walking are not quite what was intended for them–as if the roles they’ve taken up as students do not match with their true identities. In a series of comic revelations, the characters discover who they really are, and old, familiar philosophies begin to come to the surface.

Letting Go is an examination of the individual process of release. It seeks to explore how fear and self-doubt affect the young mind, to discover the journey of self-love, and to expose the realities that abuse and abandonment leave in their wake. It is our hope that the show will uncover the importance of surrounding yourself with true support and the necessity of believing in yourself, not only as it plays out for it’s characters, but as the audience experiences it with them.

Transitions is a coming of age play that explores and perhaps even critiques the gender binary. Victor, a transgender man, is faced with having to go home after being away at University for two years. As he confronts his family, he comes to realize some fundamental truths about his self.

Pan’s Theatre Pan is the creator of the universe, and owner of the theatre. For the dear audience’s entertainment, he has (with the help of his faithful servants) created four Humans to serve as characters in a play. True to form, these characters soon become caught in unorthodox romantic entanglements. Not so true to form, they also soon realize that they are in a play (due to Pan’s incompetence). Eventually, the humans are faced with the choice of going through the curtain or remaining in a reality swiftly crumbling around them.





Best Tech Achievement
IATSE Local 58 Award for Technical Achievement

Awarded to the company of What She Said / UC Follies & Twenty-Two Troubles Theatre

Best Performance
Donald Sutherland Award for Best Performance
Awarded to Joanna Decc of Saltwater Forests / UC Follies

Best Director
Robert Gill Award for Best Direction
Awarded to Dorcas Chiu of Transitions / Woodsworth • Innis • New • Drama Society

Best Playwright
Robertson Davies Award Playwriting Award
Awarded to Nawi Moreno-Valverde of Saltwater Forests / UC Follies

Best Production
President’s Award for Best Production
Awarded to the company of What She Said / UC Follies & Twenty-Two Troubles Theatre

Awards of Merit
“Establishing the Moment Award” to the company of The Map / Trinity College Drama Society

“The Moment of Joy Award” to the company of Our Cake To Eat / Woodsworth • Innis • New • Drama Society

“Go See Her at Second City in Five Years Award” to Fateema Miller of Useless Superhero Support Group / Victoria College Drama Society

“Best God Award” to Veronika Ressina of Pan’s Theatre / Woodsworth • Innis • New • Drama Society

“Confounding the Adjudicator Award” to the company of Eternal Return / St. Michael’s College – Troubadours