Theatre Standing Committee

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The Hart House Theatre Standing Committee acts as an Advisory Board for Theatre Management while ensuring that the Theatre’s Programming and Operations are in line with the Theatre’s Mission Statement and Hart House’s Vision Statement. The scope of its discussions and recommendations include but are not limited to the following areas: Theatre Development and Advancement, Theatre Operating Policies and Procedures, Accountability and fiscal prudence, Theatre Branding and Marketing, Student Involvement, Programming, and Audience Development. The Committee recognizes its responsibility to strengthen Hart House Theatre’s position as a Cultural Destination for the University and the City of Toronto while creating an inclusive environment where all feel welcome as per the House’s Vision Statement.

Student members of the Theatre Committee rub shoulders with alumni and Industry professional members – echoing the unique mix found at Hart house Theatre. Primarily an Advisory Board for the Theatre’s Management, the committee brainstorms regarding high-level decisions and offers valuable feedback to staff. Not only discussing operational and programming elements, the student members must be engaged in the Theatre through other means: technical, administration/marketing, creative etc…


The 2014/2015 Season Committee is made up of the following members:

  • Victoria McEwan – Student Secretary
  • Doug Floyd – Staff
  • Gillian Lewis – Staff
  • Kevin Wong – Student, UofT Drama Coalition President
  • Robin Taylor Wright – Student, Hart House Players Representative
  • Deborah Lim – Student, Festival of Dance Representative
  • Lucy McPhee – Student
  • Coco Lee – Student
  • Ioana Luchian – Student
  • Savannah Forest – Student
  • Mark Lentz – Student
  • Grace Smith – Student
  • Barry Freeman – Professor/Member at large
  • Marlene Smith – Professional/Community and founding member
  • Martha Mann – Alumni, Professional/Community member
  • Rob West – Alumni and founding member/Acting Chair
  • Sarah Harris – Alumni member, Festival of Dance
  • Spencer MacEachern – Alumni member, Drama Coalition
  • Lynn Kinney – Professional/Community member


For information on how to get involved with the Theatre Standing Committee and the Theatre contact the Theatre’s General Manger Doug Floyd


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