Theatre Sponsors

Hart House Theatre recognizes its role as a key player in the University and surrounding Toronto communities by providing theatre that is high quality, innovative, and financially accessible to its audiences; without the support that the theatre receives from its valued Sponsors this would not be possible.

At Hart House Theatre, we work with your company to ensure your sponsorship meets your marketing and branding objectives. By partnering with Hart House Theatre, you partner with:

  • U of T’s flagship theatre
  • The cultural life of U of T
  • The future of Canadian Arts
  • A reputation for quality
  • Bright and creative Toronto artists
  • A youthful and educated audience
  • A piece of U of T History


TD Insurance

Season Sponsor

Over the years, TD Insurance has worked closely with its partners in order to offer members preferred group rates combined with superior products and services. By supporting Hart House Theatre, we have taken another step toward deepening our commitment to the University of Toronto. Hart House Theatre provides the university community with a remarkable stage for self-expression through art, one that brings together a passion for creativity and education in their truest forms. We are proud to sponsor Hart House Theatre and look forward to an exciting season of stellar performances that are certain to captivate and inspire all who enter its doors. – Paul Douglas, Vice President, ,Affinity Market Group, TD Insurance



Season Sponsor

On behalf of everyone at MBNA Canada, we want to thank both The University of Toronto and Hart House for the exciting opportunity of sponsoring the Hart House Theatre. We look forward to the coming shows which will build on the vibrant Hart House Theatre reputation. – Sean Mullen, Account Executive, MBNA Canada


Manulife Financial

Season Sponsor

Manulife FinancialHart House is proud to have Manulife Financial support our season and looks forward to building a lasting relationship.


Captain Print

Printing Sponsor

Captain printCaptain Printworks is proud to support Hart House Theatre in its showcasing of young emerging talent. From its successful staging of Shakespearean plays to more contemporary pieces be they comedy, musical or drama, Hart House’s unique mix of young professionals, alumni and students has proven the theatre to be a well loved and important cultural destination for the University of Toronto community and the City of Toronto. Hart House Theatre succeeds in making theatre an accessible, relevant and unforgettable experience for all. Congratulations and best wishes for another wonderful season! – Vickie Chen, Account Manager. Visit Captain Printworks here >>


Duke of York

Restaurant Sponsor

For the past 25 years The Duke of York is proud to have opened its doors to the cast, crew and patrons of Hart House Theatre. The University of Toronto arts community plays an essential role in the strong and diverse fabric of our midtown neighborhood. The Duke of York is excited to support the upcoming season and congratulates Hart House Theatre on their continuing success. – Duke of York. Visit The Duke of York here >>



Production Sponsor

PRG is the world’s leading entertainment technology company and we are thrilled to sponsor the Hart House Theatre Season. For generations Hart House Theatre has provided unique opportunities for students and young professionals to express themselves creatively. PRG is proud to be able to contribute to this rich tradition through our continued support. – David James, Account Executive, Production Resource Group


The Varsity

Campus Media Sponsor

The VarsityThe Varsity is proud to support the artistic expression, informal education, and constant entertainment that Hart House Theatre has long provided to the University of Toronto and its students. – Varsity Publications Inc.



Memberships and Affiliations

Theatre Museum canadaTheatre Museum Canada

Hart House Theatre, the University of Toronto’s Performing Arts Leader, is proud to be the host of Theatre Museum Canada’s Macdonald Heaslip Walkway of Theatre History.

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