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Player's ClubInspiration, debate, creative expression, emotional discovery and self-knowledge – these are some of the outcomes of engagement with the performing arts, whether it is from the stage or from a seat in the theatre. For more than 90 years, Hart House Theatre has been a creative outlet for a diverse community of students. It provides young people with transformative encounters with the performing arts and has played a vital role in building audiences and talent for theatre in Canada.

Your support is vital in helping Hart House Theatre strengthen its youth-oriented artistic programs and opportunities, increase community involvement and refurbish its historical facilities. Most importantly, by donating to Hart House Theatre you will ensure that students at the university and young people from across the city are offered valuable experiences only the performing arts can provide.

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For further information on making a gift to Hart House Theatre, please contact Senior Development Officer, Peter Wambera, 416.946.3993.