Student Ambassadors

Theo Aust

Theo Aust

Theo is a fifth year student from Woodsworth College studying Criminology and Political Science. He is privileged to head the Ambassador team at Hart House. For Theo, everyday at Hart House is a journey into the unknown and a learning opportunity!


“Hart House is a space for discovery of the self and of society. Working at Hart House for two years, I can say Hart House is responsible for changing the way I think, feel, and act. Every programme I do layers my understanding of society and my relationship to it. My favourite programme is probably the Living Library or Trade School because of the capacity building aspect of it.”


Theo is a consumer of culture and loves food, theatre, and film. He enjoys exploring Toronto by foot and regularly walks the Harbourfront. 


Linda Qu

Linda QuLinda is a third year Woodsworth student studying Immunology, Health and Disease, and Psychology. As a Hart House ambassador, she is mainly involved with the Conscious Doc series (because her classes inconveniently preclude her from enjoying Massage Mondays, Get Crafty and ThursTeas.)
“Hart House has so much to offer to so many, yet so few take advantage of its excellent programming!” Linda’s goals include: perfecting a “mind palace,” travelling through time and space, and paying off student loans. She also has many fascinating hobbies such as “sleeping, eating, imagining stuff and the internet.”
Remember to say “hi” if you see Linda around campus.



Cullen Brown

Cullen BrownCullen, a second year SMC student studying psychology and cognitive science, is flattered to work with the ambassador team. He currently runs Massage Mondays, perfecting the art of pacifying people while they wait, as well as the 5-Buck Lunch programme. He is president of the Organization of Latin American Students, on the Board of Directors of UTSU, and a Tricampus soccer player. His passions include getting lost, turning ideas into words, and turning words into ideas.
“My time at Hart House has opened up my mind to the interesting and diverse ways that space can be filled when it is open, and the importance of relaxing.”
In his spare time, Cullen stares at the ceiling and waits for inspiration.



Irene Velentzas

Irene VelentzasIrene is working on a Bachelor of Education degree at OISE. She enjoys making “creative messes” that could involve glue, glitter and paint at Get Crafty OR vegetarian shepherd’s pie and red velvet cake in her own kitchen.
“My favourite moment at Hart House this year was Thanksgiving Dinner for U of T’s international students. Most had never celebrated Thanksgiving before. It was incredible to go through a room of 150 people, welcome them to a time of sharing and reflection, and make connections with each and every one of them. Hart House doors are always open to a beautiful experience just waiting to happen, each day. I hope you walk through those doors someday, and have an incredible experience of your own!”
Irene is studying to be Albus Dumbledore’s understudy at U of T’s OISE



Emma-Viola Robinson

Emma-Viola RobinsonEmma-Viola Robinson is a proud student of University College, is halfway through the 3rd year of a Drama/English double major and is the Hart House Ambassador you will meet at Get Crafty every Thursday.
“It has been a delight. It’s hard to name just one highlight because Get Crafty itself is the highlight of my week. It is such a positive, creative environment, and it’s a great way to exercise a part of my brain that academic work tends to neglect. As well, I love the sense of community that’s developed among both the regulars and newcomers over the past few months.”
Though not a licensed pilot, Emma knows how to safely operate a small aircraft.



Madiha Sajid

Madiha SajidMadiha Sajid is a third year student from Trinity College completing a major in Political Science, and a double minor in English and Philosophy. At Hart House, she leads Get Crafty with Emma on Thursdays, and every other 5-Buck Lunch as well. She enjoys being an Ambassador because of the social nature of the work.
“Some of my favourite moments so far include leading my first tour of Hart House, button-making with students, and being featured on CIUT 89.5FM.”
Madiha loves travelling, and will be heading to the Balkans this February for research.
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