Student Ambassadors

Hart House student ambassadors are the resident experts on all things fun and fabulous.

They help students connect with Hart House events and activities, get them involved in our clubs & committees. Their insight and ideas also help us create the type of programming and services that students want. Each year, a new batch of ambassadors bring their enthusiasm and charm to our team. Meet our 2015-16 Hart House Ambassadors. And, be sure to say “hello” if you see them around.

ambassador-8Adrian, Lead Ambassador

Adrian is a recent graduate of University of Toronto St. George, who has studied Biology, Psychology, Mental Health and Buddhism.

This is his second year as a Lead Ambassador and Outreach Intern, and he is excited to be apart of a brand new team! During his free time, he spends his time reading, working out and trying to learn the choreography to Drake’s “Hotline Bling”.  He believes that “Hart House is a place filled with a lot to explore. Searching through clubs, committee, events and even the history of Hart House, it provides every student with the opportunity to explore themselves too!”



Steven is a second year student in Health Studies, Drama and Book and Media Studies. He views Hart House as a place of community and inclusiveness, a central point at UofT to both learn and connect. As an ambassador, he wishes to facilitate these aspects both within Hart House and beyond its storied walls. When not at Hart House, he can be found listening to Kelly Clarkson’s songs and soulfully wishing he had a cat.



Tolu  is a fourth year student, studying in Architecture and Geography. She is going to be involved in running both the Massage Mondays and Get Crafty events at Hart House. During her free time or when she needs to de-stress, she likes to take up sewing projects, hang out with friends or go sightseeing. She feels there is always more to school than education itself; and Hart House creates the atmosphere that allows students to explore more past their school education.


Third year student in Environmental and Global Health, Karissa loves to drink tea and eat a lot. She believes that Hart House is a good comfy and fun place to stay on campus. “There are a lot of different events and activities going on and something will be suitable for you!” says Karissa. As an ambassador, Karissa is going to manage Tea Social on Tuesdays and Family Sunday once a month. Come join her in Tea Social or Family Sunday; she is excited to meet you all in person!


Sommyyah  is a fourth year student from Texas, studying International Relations and American Studies. When she isn’t dreaming about travelling to far away places or watching cat videos on the Internet, she can be found photographing the nooks and crannies of Toronto or obsessing over The Walking Dead. Sommyyah is excited to be working with other Hart House ambassadors this year to promote Student Wellness and will be manning the registration for Massage Mondays and Mindful Wednesdays.


Agatha is a third year student, studying Human Biology: Health and Disease. She enjoys drawing, reading, architecture, hiking, history and a lot more. She came to UofT not knowing what to expect, coming from a small high school. Agatha thinks that UofT does not have properly defined borders and allows for a wide variety of niches. Hart House is one of Agatha’s favourite niches because of its convenience and friendly atmosphere. Judo class first brought Agatha to Hart House where she has the opportunity to experience the Tea Social and Massage Mondays.


Alefia is a fourth year student pursuing a double major in Criminology and African Studies, who went to high school in Tanzania. She hopes to make Hart House more inviting and welcoming to other students. “I view Hart House as a space where great minds can come together. It is a space for students facilitated by students. I look forward to meeting new people this year. If you have any questions or just want to have a chat feel free to message me,” says Alefia

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