Student Ambassadors

Hart House student ambassadors are the resident experts on all things fun and fabulous.


They help students connect with Hart House events and activities, get them involved in our clubs & committees. Their insight and ideas also help us create the type of programming and services that students want. Each year, a new batch of ambassadors bring their enthusiasm and charm to our team. Meet our 2014-15 Hart House Ambassadors. And, be sure to say “hello” if you see them around.

Adrian Leckie, Lead Ambassador

a-leckieAdrian is a fifth year student New College student studying Psychology, Biology and Mental Health/Buddhism.  When he is not striking model poses in random locations, he is the Lead Ambassador at Hart House and will be programming the Tea Social Program on Tuesdays.  He is excited to be a part of the Hart House Ambassador team to spread the word.

“If I were to describe Hart House in five words, they would be“Multifaceted Centre with Infinite Possibilities.” The more time I’ve spent in Hart House, the more aware I become of the amazing community, resources and opportunities it provides. Not to mention the free Hip-Hop Dance Class Groove Nation (which everyone has to try). Whether it be academics, de-stressing, enjoying the architecture or a search for a community, Hart House has a place for you.”

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 Cullen Brown

Cullen BrownCullen is a human being in his 4th year of studying human beings and the environment as well as Latin American studies. He is excited to be manning the registration for Massage Mondays as well as sharing Hart House-related knowledge at events around campus. He appreciates Hart House’s vibrations, intellectually stimulating events, and focus on the mind-body interaction.

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Kaylah Krajnc

k-krajncKaylah is a fifth year Woodsworth student completing a double major in Conservation Biology and Psychology. She is helping students embrace their sense of creativity and playfulness with Get Crafty!

“To be honest, I wasn’t sure I would be that interested in arts and crafts, but I have to say that I absolutely love Get Crafty! It’s shown me that you can never be too old to play—and it definitely motivates me to bring creativity to all other aspects of my life. Similarly, one of my favourite things about working at Hart House is that it encourages you to experience personal growth by embracing the unknown in life.”

Kaylah is a vegan and is on her way to becoming a professional Tree Hugger (so says her Koala sweater).

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Melina Mehr

m-mehrMelina is a fifth year English Literature and Cinema Studies double-major. Most of her interests are food-based (e.g., that’s me chowing down on a vegan Philly Cheesesteak…in Philadelphia), but she also enjoys bike rides, ballet, and film photography. She is a returning Ambassador and is involved with Mindful Wednesdays this semester. Melina considers Hart House a hidden treasure on campus, where curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking can all seamlessly intersect.

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Hafeeza Patel

h-patelHafeeza, also known by her camp name “Hafizzle” is a 3rd year co-op student from UTSC and is working on a double major in English and Philosophy. She helps to facilitate Family Sundays once a month.

Some of Hafeeza’s interests are eating profuse amounts of chocolate and chips, listening to music (the band Daughter is her current obsession!), watching LOTS of tv and hanging out with her pet rock—also named Hafizzle.

“My favourite part about working as an Ambassador at Hart House is getting to interact with so many amazing people from the U of T community. In such a short amount of time, I’ve come to learn so many incredible things and have experienced a lot of personal growth in the process!”

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Christian Ramirez

c-ramirezChristian is a second year student at Innis College, doing at double major in Cinema Studies and Biological Anthropology with a minor in English Literature. As a new addition to the Ambassador team, he hopes that this role will help him become more involved with his university community, allowing him to help others and connect to people all over campus.

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Suryana Thappa

s-thappaSuryana is a third year student from Woodsworth College studying Sociocultural and Linguistic Anthropology, Archaeology and Religion. She feels honoured to have the opportunity to represent Hart House, in all its glory, for this year. She is the Vice-president of the Hindu Students’ Council, and also spent her summer planning and promoting Orientation events, as the Marketing and Communications Coordinator for the UTSU.

“I view Hart House as being all-encompassing. From exploration to relaxation, there’s something for everyone. I love spending time at Hart House because it gives me the opportunity to try new things—until I find what interests me—and then it allows me to immerse myself into it. I’m so excited to represent everything that Hart House stands for, and to bring Hart House to life on all three campuses!”

In her spare time, Suryana enjoys watching supernatural and medical dramas and enjoys listening to metal. She also enjoys exploring the St. George campus and the streets of Toronto, on foot.

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