Stories help us make sense of the world, each other, and ourselves. The Storyweavers are a diverse team of student podcasters gathering transformative stories from young people who have overcome challenges and expressed themselves with courageous vulnerability. Connect through stories and create a more just and compassionate world.





“I’m Definitely not Straight”
Bosi’s Interview with Stacy
(00:05:16) Listen >
“My Identity Through a Different Lens”
Micaela’s Interview with Andrea
(00:03:45) Listen >
“A Better Version of Myself”
Sabrina’s Interview with Kristen
(00:03:24) Listen >
“The Archetype of Someone Who Looks Like You”
Ruvimbo’s Interview with Gelila
(00:02:48) Listen >
“Intersectional Complexes”
Tony’s Interview with Shudipta
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“The Good Person Class”
Daisy’s Interview with Helena
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The Storyweavers

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Hart House Conversations: Storytelling for Social Change featuring the Storyweavers

Join us for a live recording of an episode of Hart House Conversations focusing on the importance of stories as tools for social change. History is often said to be written by the “victors” which leaves important stories silenced or ignored. This Hart House Conversation will explore what kinds of social change can happen when those stories are given a platform and those voices are amplified to broader audiences.

These stories are the truths that were erased from the Canadian landscape and history books but still bravely brought forward through meaningful Indigenous engagement and inclusion, they are the #metoo experiences courageously shared by women around the globe, they are the lived experiences of black people that are taking up spaces long overdue in public discourse to acknowledge that Black Lives Matter, and they are the “coming out” stories shared in spite of the very real risks of rejection, discrimination, and even violence, or the stories silenced by shame but voiced with courage about struggles with mental health or disability.  These stories have power and help to accelerate the pace of social change by building connections between people and communities and sharing truths that can’t be ignored.

When: Wed., March 28, 2018, from 3–4 pm, followed by a reception
Where: Map Room, Hart House
Cost: Free
Schedule: Live recording in studio from 3–4 pm with a reception to follow

Through its support of ten student-led Committees and other student-led initiatives, including the Storyweavers, Hart House provides leadership opportunities for students and encourages the exploration of ideas, perspectives and issues of importance to not only students, but to society at large. Hart House has been recognized as the University of Toronto’s centre for education and discovery outside the classroom since it first opened its doors in 1919. Hart House is where students come together, across their differences, in common pursuit of what the House’s founders termed “high endeavour.”