Storyweavers: Student Bios

Micaela Kong Gonzale

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Hi all! My name is Micaela Kong Gonzalez, and I am with the Story Weaver team. I am a first-year international student planning on specializing in Psychology and minoring in Semiotics. I was born in Miami, and I am Uruguayan and half Chinese. The stories that interest me the most focus on the theme of identity and the process of discovering, questioning, and uncovering a sense of self.

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Hi everyone! My name is Ruvimbo and I’m a proud Hart House Storyweaver. I’m also an international student from Zimbabwe, doing a Masters in Political Science. Being a black, African woman navigating this sometimes hostile world, the stories that interest me the most are those that focus on dismantling and challenging the traditional, monolithic narrative of Africa and other places that are not the West, as well as stories that show the agency, strength and intersectionality of women of colour. One day I’m going to run for public office in my home country.

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Hi, my name is Tony with a y and I came to slay! I am a first-generation student and the son of hard-working and loving immigrant parents. Shout out to Mrs. Frizzle, from the Magic School Bus, who always reminds us that we don’t need to be perfect: “take chances, make mistakes, and get messy.” Through integrated dance and fashion, I am an artist that cares deeply about, well, a lot of things. With future aspirations in engaging with gender-based violence prevention work, I am still learning to apply an evolving anti-oppressive and intersectional feminist framework in my ways of knowing and being in the world. My approach as a storyweaver is to empower people in sharing their stories of love, pain, and hope. It’s been an honour to witness the healing aspects of storytelling that pulls a person back together again.  A visual metaphor that best describes me is: flowers. For me, flowers are the parts of me that are queer, femme, and soft. These are the parts of me that are bringing me back home to my body.

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Hi! I am Sanjana, a podcast producer for the Hart House Storyweaver Project. I am a  fourth-year double major in Political Science and American Studies and a proud daughter of  second-generation Indian immigrants. I am interested in pursuing journalism after graduation, focusing on stories which highlight the complexities behind cultural identity, race, gender issues and political policy. Through my work with the Storyweaver podcasting project I have utilized my interests in these topics to design compelling podcast episodes with student personalities who have been marginalized and want to raise awareness. My hope is that my podcasts, and some day my journalism, will represent marginalized voices and new points of views on major issues.

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Nabi Dressler

Nabi Dressler is a fourth-year political science and sociology student at UTSG. She’s a First in the Family student mentor and a lead editor for Synergy: The Journal of Contemporary Asian Studies.

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Daisy Enright

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Hi! My name is Daisy Enright. I am a Canadian and Indigenous Studies double major, currently finishing my second year here at the University of Toronto! I love listening to and sharing stories. It is one of the most ancient traditions, and I believe they hold a lot of wisdom and power. I hope to one day become a Human Rights lawyer, working alongside Indigenous peoples (the original storytellers) as an activist for their rights and freedoms. I am also very interested in politics, and would also like to become more involved with politics so that I can make greater change within Canada… maybe as Prime Minister? Keep an eye out!

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Hi! My name is Bosi and I’m a Hart House Storyweavers Podcaster. I’m a Kenyan born (and raised) Toronto implant, and an international fourth-year student at U of T. You can find me inhaling black queer pop culture, jotting down future screenplay ideas, or writing and performing songs about everything and nothing at all.

I might be the next Lena Waithe, but I’ll settle for just being me.  

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