Hart House Committees

Be a part of creating diverse and inclusive spaces and programs at U of T

Hart House has long stood as a place of learning, expression and fun. Why not join the action?

All students are welcome to join a committee at Hart House; this is the time to make a difference in Art, Debates & Dialogue, Hart House Farm, Literary & Library, Music, Recreational Athletics & Wellness, Social Justice, and Hart House Theatre.

Through your commitment and input you will learn about committee process, as well as program planning and management — your voice will be heard and your ideas can become a reality. 

Eligibility Criteria:
U of T Student for the 2019-2020 academic year. 

Deadline: April 19, 2019

Apply Now: Standing Committee Application Form

Hart House Committee Descriptions


Work in association with the Art Museum at the University of Toronto. The Art Museum produces a year-round program of contemporary art exhibitions, artist and curatorial residencies, and educational events. Have an active role in research, guided tours, receptions, lectures, screenings, and visits with artists and curators.

Debates & Dialogue

Access the opportunity and the resources to translate ideas and interests into welcoming and lively public debates, dialogues, and discussions that create a meaningful exchange of ideas and perspectives between the campus, Toronto, and international communities. The Committee also organizes major invitational and high school debating tournaments. Debate. Dialogue. Engage.


Provide Hart House members and U of T students with quality programming and access to the Hart House Farm. The Farm is a 150-acre property in the Caledon Hills, which includes a rustic retreat facility that provides an outstanding recreation and wellness experience outside of the urban landscape. The Farm Committee also promotes sustainability and environmental issues, by focusing on food, gardening, and activities in the great outdoors. The Committee organizes social and community-building activities at the Farm and on campus, including four seasonal events, as well as work days. Get your outdoors on at Hart House Farm.


The Finance Committee reviews and assesses recommendations and reports on the finances, financial controls and risk exposures of Hart House. The Committee also works with campus groups such as the Centre for Community Partnerships to identify key community partner groups to develop a mutually agreed upon plan for financial literacy development. It supports all other Hart House Standing Committees with mandatory training for Committee treasurers on budget management.

Students applying for the Voting Member position for the Finance Committee will be required to make an in-person presentation on April 3, 2018 at 8 am during the Committee meeting . Details will be sent to those have applied shortly.


Interested in beats, business or the creation of music? The Music Committee is a student-run group dedicated to supporting and providing diverse music related and music performance experiences for the campus community. We support and deliver in 4 major areas: education and networking, career development & mentoring, peer to peer engagement and cultural and artistic exploration. Students can expect to host numerous live music events, industry panels, student open mics, friendly competitions and special events. We also produce DEMO, a print and online music magazine. Expand your experience and interest in music by job shadowing a sound technician, writing, reviewing or blogging for Demo magazine, hosting or participating in an open mic, research and booking artists in several genres or sharpening your social media skills in marketing. Bring your creative flare and musical passion to the Hart House Music Committee!

Literary & Library

Explore and promote the literary arts through management and maintenance of the Library collection, organizing monthly readings and literary pubs, running annual contests for poetry and short stories, designing writer’s workshops and writing groups, and publishing the annual Hart House Review.

Recreational Athletics & Wellness

Create opportunities to learn about, engage in, and develop a love for physical activity and wellness. We are particularly interested in engaging people underrepresented in sport and physical activity on campus. Annually, we help organize and staff the Indoor Triathlon, a Fall and Spring 4K Fun Run, and inspirational and educational seminars.

Social Justice

Discover social and environmental issues by hosting inclusive events that provide a respectful and open forum to share perspectives, collaborate, and imagine solutions. Connecting students to community groups creates valuable opportunities to exchange ideas and participate through a broad range of social justice activities. Our events this year included: A reading of the play “From Their Lips” based on a black youth oral history theatre project exploring intergenerational experiences, giving voice to narratives too often underheard and undervalued in the mainstream; Community Forums on pressing issues like the Syrian refugee crisis and; Solidarity events with struggles from around the world like the Dakota Access Pipeline

Senior Members

Champion non-student engagement and make the House more welcoming and innovative for today’s students. The Senior Members Committee is an important pathway for senior members to contribute to the governance of the House. We are committed to creating opportunities for students to take delight in discovering new voices, opinions, and perspectives beyond the classroom. Our activities include a student-alumni dinner series, trivia nights, international students/alumni club, and more.


Engage with alumni and industry professional members in the operational and programming elements of theatre production. Become involved in all facets of the theatre: technical, marketing, creative and administrative – echoing the unique mix found at the Hart House Theatre. Primarily an Advisory Board for the Theatre’s Management, the committee brainstorms high-level decisions and offers valuable feedback to staff.



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